🍋Citrus Tree care GONE WRONG! Pests, Malnourishment, Black Mold – EEK!

Citrus tree care gone wrong – I have definitely learned my lesson. I should have attended the pests much sooner and kept up with my fertilizing schedule. I truly wanted to see the ‘worst that can happen’ but I probably over did it. My citrus tree is suffering. I’m going to nourish it back to life and give you an update in the summer – so stay tuned!

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27 thoughts on “🍋Citrus Tree care GONE WRONG! Pests, Malnourishment, Black Mold – EEK!

  1. You have such beautiful citrus 🍊 I have to learn and try to grow only have one lemon tree. For pest pls try Neem oil and also small amount of baking soda water mix has worked so well for for me also 😀 all the best.

  2. Thanks for the video! Would you be willing to send me some cuttings of you citrus trees for me to graft on to root stock? Thanks!

  3. I cannot believe how big your lemons are, and the grapefruit too! Always looks amazing and I love watching 😊

  4. I have a suggestion: Maye you can try growing the watermelon variety Charelston gray. It's my first time growing it, but I heard it has a nice crisp and sweet flesh. We can both grow it… 🙂

  5. Hello Daisy and thank you for yet another GREAT video packed full of good information for us new gardeners! I’m ‘patently’ (NOT) waiting for my local Costco or Sam’s Club to get in their citrus trees because they’re so much cheaper there. Take care, and put some coffee grounds down for those ants because they can’t stand it.

  6. Hello I am new to your channel and I am enjoying your helpful videos. I also live in the Houston area, so your videos are a blessing ( new to gardening) thank you for all the great information 🙏🏻👏🏻🤠

  7. I have a lemon tree too that looked a little sad this past year. It doesn’t have disease, it just had sparse foliage and the harvest was cut in half this year compared to the year we moved in. I don’t think I did a hot job at taking care of it like the previous owner did 😔 I’ll do better. Thanks for the tips, temps are dropping and I’m worried about my plants and trees.

  8. Hii! Thanks for the information and update ! I suggest for the Lemon try to spray it with neem oil which isn’t that expensive and watch out for this cold front! <3

  9. I see y'all are about to get some deadly cold!! Good luck! We got down to 25f here in n. Florida but nothing like you all are about to get!

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