Installing Vinyl Door Trim on the Entry Door

Installing vinyl door trim (brickmold) on exterior door.

Say goodbye to scraping and painting forever!!!! Removing worn and weather damaged wood entry door trim and replacing it with new maintenance free vinyl trim. This is a do it yourself project that most weekend warriors will be able to complete in a weekend with basic tools. All materials are readily available at most local lumber yards and big box stores.


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Veranda Trim Board

Vinyl Brickmold (door casing),store:11671044817506210211,lsfqd:0&prds=oid:10193142652205355648&q=Alexandria+Moulding+1-1/4+in.+x+2+in.+x+84+in.+Vinyl+Brick+Moulding+Set+(3-Pieces),+Finished+White+Pvc&hl=en-US&ei=RynJV7bDEoXve_H-j6AJ&lsft=cm_mmc:Shopping-_-LIAs-_-D30-_-202081502&lsft=gclid:CO2LjNiT8M4CFQMmhgod_pYObQ

Mold Exposure Detoxification

I produced and directed this after my own family was victim to excessive indoor mold.

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Mold can contain some of the most toxic substances on the planet. In fact, in the top 10 chemical weapons, mold takes 2 of the slots!

When exposed to high levels of mold and mycotoxins, a strict and well guided detoxification program should be followed. The observation of a qualified physician is essential. Do not simply take the advice of the local health guru at the vitamin store. If you face severe mold toxification, it will take a group effort of MDs, chiropractors, homeopaths or vitamin experts, physical trainers, and spa-type resources.

Presented for artistic demo purposes. From Toxic Mold Solutions, the #1 television source of accurate information on indoor mold.

I was Executive Producer.

Water Damaged Cleanup and Mold Removal in Basement Bucyrus OH
Contact Us Bucyrus Ohio
Mid-Ohio Remediation
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Water Damage Restoration, Water Extraction & Drying, Sewage & Black Water Cleanup: Bucyrus OH
24/7 Water Damage Response
In the BUCYRUS OH area Mid-Ohio Remediation responds quickly and efficiently to the specific requirements of any water damaged situation. Whether a single room or an entire structure we have trained and certified technicians on call – 24/7 – ready to respond with the proper equipment.

Effectively drying water-damaged buildings, systems and contents is a detailed and complex process, requiring a combination of art and science.

Keeping Downtime to a Minimum
Our primary goal is absolute minimal down time and inconvenience to the building occupants-that means getting the building dry fast enough to possibly avoid mold formation and to avoid costly and time consuming tear out and reconstruction.

Advanced Drying Technology
We use advanced techniques and high performance drying equipment along with “24/7 fast on site response” to deliver a professional service to our clients. Homeowners , building occupants and insurance companies appreciate this type of service.

Each and every project is supervised by an experienced Area Manager that is IICRC certified and has advanced training in structural drying.
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To schedule an appointment or request additional information you may contact us or request an estimate using this website, or call our office anytime and speak with an experienced member of our staff. There is no charge for the initial inspection. Call Us at 877-377-1274

The Mold Remediation Process

You can’t just kill mold with bleach. Whether it is alive or not, mold can cause serious health problems. Watch as Remtech goes through the tedious process of mold remediation in this home.

How To Tell If Your Kombucha Is Moldy… And What To Do About It! | #AskWardee 103

How To Tell If Your Kombucha Is Moldy… And What To Do About It! | #AskWardee 103


FREE Ultimate Kombucha Guide:

Merry Christmas, everyone! 🙂

Oh, no… mold 🙁

Well, possibly not… because, actually, Kombucha rarely molds. The SCOBY — its mother culture — is quite hardy and balanced.

Yet, mold does happen now and then.

So, if you think it might be happening to you…

On today’s #AskWardee I’m teaching you how to tell if your Kombucha is moldy, and if it is… what to do about the current and future batches so it doesn’t happen again!

By the way… get my Ultimate Guide To Kombucha {how to make it, store it, flavor it, SCOBY care, troubleshooting, and MORE!}:

**Q: How Can I Tell For Sure If My Kombucha Is Moldy?
Jennifer P. asked:

I’m concerned that my Kombucha SCOBY might be moldy. How do I know for sure and what do I do if it is? Also, how can I prevent this in the future? Thanks so much!

**Jennifer, I’m happy to help!

**How To Tell If Your Kombucha Is Moldy

First, what’s Kombucha? It’s a delicious, fermented tea with benefits for digestion, the gut, and more. Here’s more about it plus my easy recipe:

If your Kombucha SCOBY (the mother culture) develops mold, it looks similar to mold you’ll find on old bread: fuzzy and green, grey, or blackish. The key word being fuzzy.

Smooth brown, black, or grey marks are not mold. Grey or black specks are not mold. Brown, smooth blobs, brown tendrils, sediment in the brewer — nope, not mold.

Sometimes people mistake the thin, translucent and possibly flecked new growth at the top of the SCOBY as mold, but it’s not mold either. That’s the SCOBY growing babies! 😉

Fuzzy green, grey, or blackish — that’s what Kombucha mold looks like.

So it’s pretty simple to tell if your Kombucha scoby is moldy.

**What To Do If Your Kombucha Develops Mold

Did you know that Kombucha rarely, if ever, molds? We’ve been brewing it for many years and haven’t seen a speck of mold ever. It’s a super easy ferment to make in that regard.

In the unlikely (and sad) event that you do find mold, though, you shouldn’t try to salvage the SCOBY or the batch.

Toss it, clean all your containers, purchase or acquire a new SCOBY, and start a new batch of Kombucha.

It’s sad … yet necessary.

**How To Prevent Moldy Kombucha

Although Kombucha very rarely molds, there are steps you can take to prevent it happening in the future.

*use very clean containers and utensils

*ferment it in a mold-free environment

*ferment it between 68 and 78 degrees Fahrenheit hot (too cold isn’t good for the culture, nor is too warm)

*keep it spaced away from other ferment

*use the correct proportions of ingredients

*don’t let your SCOBY go dry (store it in a SCOBY Hotel when not in use… and don’t let that go dry either)

*always make sure your new batch contains 10% finished Kombucha or raw apple cider vinegar to ensure a successful brew

**Helpful Links

How Far Apart To Space Your Ferments #AskWardee 089:

Where To Buy A Live Kombucha Scoby:

My Kombucha Recipe:

SCOBY Hotel:

FREE eBook: The Ultimate Guide To Kombucha {how to make it, store it, flavor it, SCOBY care, troubleshooting, and MORE!}:

Free Fermenting Formulas Cheat Sheet:

How To Tell If Your Kombucha Is Moldy… And What To Do About It! | #AskWardee 103


DIY Insulation Project: Basement Stud Wall

In this helpful DIY video for homeowners, Owens Corning provides a step-by-step guide to installing basement wall insulation to save energy costs. The video demonstrates how to use Owens Corning FOAMULAR® INSULPINK® extruded polystyrene (XPS) insulation board and pre-cut Owens Corning PINK® Fiberglas™ insulation batts for less measuring and cutting and a more user-friendly insulation process.

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Dehumidifier for Humid Basement ~ Home 70 Pint

As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases.
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👍👍👍 hOmeLabs 4000 Sq Ft Dehumidifier 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Filter Button:
Reminder to clean the air filter for better operation. Filter light will glow after 250 hours of operation.

Continue button:
continuous dehumidifying

Turbo Button
High or Normal fan speeds.

Up Down button:
set humidity level from 35RH to 85RH in 5% increments.

70 PINT ROOM DEHUMIDIFIER FOR HOME – Energy star certified 70 pint dehumidifier quickly and effectively removes excess moisture from basements or large rooms to help protect your home from mold and mildew, and features continuous dehumidifying operation for 24 hour cycles, as well as customizable humidity level settings
IMPORTANT: EMITS HEAT DURING USE – Like most dehumidifiers this unit works by intaking humid air and expelling dry hot air. In spaces much smaller than 1000 square feet – like bathrooms or closets – surrounding air temperature may increase during use
REDUCES ODOR AND BACTERIA TO MAKE BREATHING EASIER – Portable dehumidifier helps to reduce odor and allergens by eliminating bacteria from humid air through its built-in pump compressor, and features a turbo mode that increases fan speed from normal to high for maximum moisture removal and odor reduction
WITH WHEELS AND CONTINUOUS DRAIN HOSE OUTLET – Safe dehumidifier includes built-in handles and wheels for easy transport, and features a drain hose outlet for continuous draining as well as a removable water tank that can be emptied manually (hose not included with purchase)
FOR ROOMS UP TO 1000 SQ FT – Eco dehumidifier measures 15.2 x 10.2 x 19.7 inches, has 3 liter (0.8 gallon) water tank capacity, removes up to 30 pints of moisture from the air per day, and is recommended for indoor spaces up to 1000 square feet

rotect your home from mold and mildew, and breathe easy with the Energy Star certified hOme 30 Pint Dehumidifier. With continuous humidifying and draining options, robust customizable settings and a user-friendly touchscreen, it quickly and effectively reduces odor and bacteria through its powerful built-in pump compressor, and removes up to 30 pints of moisture from surrounding humid air per day.

Product Details

Size: 15.2”x 10.2” x 19.7”
Weight: 30.5 lbs
Rated current: 4.7 Amps
Moisture removal: 30 pints per day
Water tank capacity: 3 liters / 0.8 gallons
UL & Energy Star rated
Includes: Washable filter, built-in handles and wheels, drain hose outlet
Features: Touch control panel; auto restart, shut off and defrost; turbo mode with high fan speed; continuous dehumidifying with 24-hour timer; customizable humidity level from 35% to 85%
Best for: Indoor spaces up to 1000 square feet, with room temp from 41°F to 95°F
Product Care and Use
WATER REMOVAL: For manual removal: Turn off Dehumidifier when water tank is full, remove tank from Dehumidifier and empty its bucket. For continuous draining: Attach Dehumidifier drain hose outlet to female-threaded end of standard water hose before use.
OPERATION: Dehumidifier automatically enters a 3-minute rest period after completing a moisture removal cycle. To prevent damage, do not start Dehumidifier during rest period. Operation starts again automatically when rest period is complete.

NOISE REDUCTION: To reduce noise during use, position Dehumidifier on level surface and ensure air filter is not clogged.

IMPORTANT: Like most dehumidifiers, our 30 Pint model emits dry hot air from its fan during moisture removal. In spaces much smaller than 1000 square feet – like bathrooms or closets – surrounding air temperature may increase during use.

What to Do If You Suspect Mold in Your Home

Mold exposure can lead to several health-related problems. Mold spores can create a variety of respiratory ailments. Common side effects include asthma, allergies, respiratory infections, sinus infections and skin rashes. In some cases, mold exposure can even be fatal. Do you need a mold inspection?

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