GMP Mold Stain Remover – Simply Apply & Watch Mold Stains Disappear

GMP Mold and Mildew Stain Remover is a cutting edge commercial grade product that makes mold stains disappear almost instantly. Simply apply GMP to mold stains in areas like attics or crawlspaces and watch the mold stains vanish before your very eyes.

GMP will help mold contractors dramatically reduce both labor and material costs for attic mold remediation and crawlspace mold remediation projects.

Get yours today!

Mold Removal | Mold Remediation

This video explains what is done during the mold removal / mold remediation process (This video has been reproduced with permission of MICRO — the Mold Inspection, Consulting and Remediation Organization.)

Crawl Space & Basement Disinfection By MoldCode™ Cleaning

Crawlspaces can be breeding grounds for mold and infectious organisms, such as mold, salmonella, E. coli, the hepatitis A virus and tetanus.

Our treatment provides continuous, residual disinfectant activity for up to three years! We effectively control disease and other odor-causing microorganisms.

Our two-stage processes contain a pharmaceutical active ingredient system that has no harsh chemicals, such as bleach, ammonia, metals or harmful VOCs.

Contact MoldCode™ Cleaning, Toll Free at 855-776-7370 or visit us

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Basement Water Damage Flood Clean Up East Northport NY 11731

Water Damage in your home or business? Flood, Fire, Mold, Sewage damage in your Home or Business?
Call 631-209-5316 and we will dispatch our 24/7 Water Damage, Water Extraction and Restoration technicians to your property to restore it back to it’s pre-loss condition.

At 24/7 we work directly with your insurance company and will directly bill your insurance company for all approved claims! 24/7 also offers FREE Estimates. 1 Hour Response time or Less!
24/7 Property specializes in property disaster call our Response team for your property moisture inspection today!
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247/ Services we will provide you with Excellent Restoration and Disaster Cleaning Services.

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Covering All of Suffolk County NY, 24/7 Property Cleaning & Restoration provides Local 1 Hour Response time!

24/7 Property Cleaning & Restoration provides Local Water Damage, Flood Clean Up, Sewage Back Up Cleaning, Mold Removal and fire and smoke damage services. 24/7 Property Covers Northport NY and all of Suffolk County NY, Nassau County NY and NYC.

Call today and we will dispatch on certified trained technicians to your property damage!

24/7 Will directly bill your insurance company and can provide you with a FREE Estimate!

CALL 631-209-5316

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High Humidity in the Crawl Space: Causes & Solutions | HomePro | Frontier Basement Systems | 1-931-451-1133

Judy and Layne Gebers, owners of Clarksville-based Frontier Basement Systems and Dr. Energy Saver by Frontier have been helping homeowners in Central Tennessee and Southwestern Kentucky solve their problems since 2002. They specialize in wet and flooded basements; decaying, moldy crawl spaces, structural foundation damage, and they provide radon testing and mitigation as well.

Judy and Layne have over 35 years of combined experience in the home building and remodeling industry, and are now using that knowledge to help answer homeowners’ questions with this new HomePro Q&A video series.

In this episode of HomePro, Judy and Layne discuss high relative humidity levels in the crawl space. What causes the problem, how it affects your home, and what are the solutions to keep RH levels under control?

Layne explains that every time the RH levels in a crawl space are above 50%, you have a big problem. One, that if not treated soon enough, can compromise the structural integrity of your home, decrease the value of your property, affect indoor air quality, the health of your family, and significantly increase the cost of home ownership.

Relative humidity levels above 50% in any environment are known to support mold growth. In the crawl space, the wooden structures alone provide enough organic matter for mold to feed on, leading to dry rot and structural decay. The moist, soft wood is also very attractive to termites, carpenter ants and other pests. Because the air in a building is always moving upwards, air from the crawl space is constantly being sucked into the living space, along with all the mold spores, allergens and pollutants found in the crawl space. At least 1/3 of the air you breathe is coming straight from under your home.

Layne explains the importance of controlling humidity in the crawl space and the steps you need to take to keep moisture under control. These steps include: providing adequate drainage to keep water from pooling in the ground, sealing the vents to keep outside air from carrying moisture into the crawl, isolating the entire space from the ground and outside air by encapsulating the crawl space, and finally conditioning the area with a good dehumidifier so mold won’t be able to survive and grow.

To learn more about crawl space humidity control, visit our website or call for a free inspection and estimate.