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CleanliNEST™ by Sanit-Air Present a WXYZ-TV 7 Production of Around The House with Americas Master Handyman Glenn Haege.

Environmental Scientist, Connie Morbach, M.S. CHMM, CIE and IAQ Specialist, Tom Morbach, appear on WXYZ-TV 7s Around The House with Americas Master Handyman, Glenn Haege. Connie and Tom demonstrate what a certified, experienced, Indoor Air Quality and Mold Remediation company does to test your home for indoor contaminants and demonstrates the tools and safety measures used in remediation and what warning signs to look for in your home.

HOW TO START MAKING SOAP / essential oil soap / Jerika Zimmerman

HOW TO START MAKING SOAP / essential oil soap / Jerika Zimmerman

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– Calculate Soap Recipe:
– Recommended Oil Percent Usage:
– What Do the SoapCalc Numbers Really Mean?:

Recipe (makes 2 lb bath of soap – 8 bars):

– olive oil (45%): 340 g
– coconut oil (22%): 166 g
– shea butter (20%): 151 g
– hemp oil (8%): 60 g
– castor oil (5%): 38 g
– water:lye ratio: 1.5:1
– water: 152 g
– lye: 101 g
– fragrance: 53 g
– spirullina: 2 tsp

Time Stamps:

0:00 – Intro
1:45 – Beginner Soap Mold
2:34 – How to Know How Much Soap Your Mold Will Make
4:02 – How to Know Oil Amount
4:30 – Brief Intro to
4:47 – How to Use
9:15 – Essential Oils and Colors I’m Using
9:54 – Making Lye Solution and Soap Safety
11:03 – Measuring Hard Oil and Butter
12:11 – Measuring Soft Oils
14:31 – Mixing Oils and Lye Solution
15:24 – Adding Color and Scent
16:04 – Pouring Soap Batter Into Mold
17:01 – Swirl Technique
17:36 – Texture Top Technique
19:00 – Cutting Soap
20:28 – How to Avoid A Gel Ring

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💙 Equipment I use 💙

Packaging 👉🏼

📍National Shrinkwrap System –
📍Laser Printer:

Soap and Bath Bomb Making👉🏼

📍Trays, Bath Bomb Press, Molds –
📍Scale –
📍Stick Blender –
📍Glass Measuring Cups –
📍Plastic Measuring Cups -
📍Measuring Spoons –
📍Temp Gun:
📍Latex Powder-Free Gloves:

Vending and Markets👉🏼

📍Collapsable Risers:
📍Fitted Table Cover (6 ft, white):
📍 6 ft Collapsable Table:
📍Tin Buckets for displaying bath bombs:
📍Mini Chalkboard Easels for price display:
📍Chalk Markers:
📍Christmas Fairy Light:
📍Server Apron:
📍Debit/Credit Card Reader (Square):

Photography and Filming👉🏼

📍What I use for product photos -
📍The lens on my camera –
📍What I use to film my videos -

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💙Suppliers Mentioned💙

📍New Directions Aromatics:
📍Windy Point Soap Supplies:
📍Hempola Farms:
📍Fizz Fairy:

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Owens Corning Basement Finishing System Reviews ~ Remodel USA (800) 649-5391

Finishing your basement may be one of the easiest ways to add livable space to your home, and if you live in Baltimore, Washington, DC, Fairfax, Woodbridge, Hagerstown, or another nearby area in Virginia or Maryland, the experienced professionals at Remodel USA are your local basement finishing experts. In addition to our expansive skill set and close attention to detail, we can also provide you with one of the finest products on the market – the Owens Corning™ Basement Finishing System™.

The unique construction of the Basement Finishing System™ offers several advantages over traditional finishing techniques, including:

Shorter installation time – It can be installed in only about two weeks.
Reduced mess and dust – Because no cutting or sanding is required through the installation process, it can be installed without much of the dust and debris you might expect from other products.
Mold and mildew resistance – The basement remodel walls are designed to breathe, unlike other traditional basement finishing methods, so they resist the growth of mold and mildew.
Durable walls – The walls are dent- and scratch-resistant, so they can hold up to normal wear and tear better than some other basement finishing techniques.
Easy access – Because the wall and trim components can be easily removed, homeowners can get to important parts of their basement renovations – including the foundation, electrical wiring, and piping – without cutting out and replacing a portion of the wall.
And more
For more information on our basement finishing options, contact Remodel USA today. In addition to our expert basement remodeling services, we can help you transform nearly any area of your home with our wide range of other home improvement services. We’re proud to offer custom kitchen and bathroom remodeling services, but we can also replace windows and install everything from roofing and flooring to a replacement door and home insulation, or even a sunroom or walk in tub.


We’ve been helping our customers enhance and enlarge their living spaces for over 15 years.

• Family owned and operated in Maryland since 1999
• More than 15,000 satisfied customers over past 15 years!
• Winners of several customer satisfaction awards.
• Sunsuite Sunrooms Franchisee of the Year, 2009-2011.
• Over 99% Customer Satisfaction!

Complete satisfaction for our customers is Remodel USA’s primary goal, and we will always strive for perfection in this area. President John Cherubim personally strives for quality customer service every day in his direct interactions with customers throughout the process of their installations.


• Franchisee of Owens Corning Basement Finishing Systems
• Exclusive fiberglass Sunsuite Sunrooms
• Exclusive Safe Step Walk-In Tubs
• Exclusive Solace Windows
• Exclusive Prodigy Vinyl Siding
• Preferred contractor for Owens Corning Roofing, Gutters and Downspouts.
State-of-the art bathroom and kitchen remodeling.


• Maryland
• Virginia
• Washington DC
• Delaware
• West Virginia Panhandle

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Got Mold? Got Asbestos? Got Spiders??

Well, except for the spiders, Octagon Cleaning & Restoration can help you with many issues when you are getting ready to sell your home. Here I speak with Melissa Compton, Program Manager, about a recent mold remediation job they did for one of my clients. The clients were super happy, not only with the work, but also with the high level of communication during the process. Great job Octagon!
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