3 Surprising Ways to Clean Your Acoustic Guitar [Tips & Tricks]

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Cleaning your acoustic guitar from head to toe

48 thoughts on “3 Surprising Ways to Clean Your Acoustic Guitar [Tips & Tricks]

  1. Help! I have a 25 year old Takamine guitar with a cedar top
    and I think a satin finish. I haven’t cleaned it for about 20 years and the top
    has a thick layer of smudge. What is the best way to clean off the smudge and
    restore the finish?

  2. Bro… not good. not right… no blades man at all. 8 out of 10 people will scratch the instrument. I am sure lots of them curse at you… Metal razor = I use a thin and thick Fender pic for that or just scrape it of with rose/lemon/coconut oil, and it is like new literally. It removes it all under 3 minutes, just let it soak for a minute or two and wipe it off. Why do you complicate things? This is a 5 minute job! I do that over 20 yrs, my guitars are shining always. I know all of us have our own ways but, this is VERY wrong man. That blade.. Lots of beginners will destroy theyr guitars for sure…
    PS: No matter what you have heard, use coconut oil, im speaking from experience. Cold press coconut oil, no aditives! Rose and lemo are fine but can not be compared to Coconut like at all. Oil the whole fretboard once in 1.5 – 2 yrs. Let it sit for 5 minutes then wipe it of the fretboard and leave guitar alone for 24 hours in dark. Then try to play and hear what happens to your sound and the "feel" of the wood….
    (ALL of this works just for Rose-Wood and Indian Laurel).

  3. Old credit card (instead of a razor) olive oil instead of of some fretboard conditioner,that’s been my method for years.
    And being a electrical guy (or former electrical guy) I never ever have steel wool near my guitars,especially if it’s a pickup on it..
    Scotch brite works for me.

  4. I'm not putting no fucking razor blade to my fucking fretboard lol WTF Anyone watching do not attempt that part bound for scratch marks. Just buy a fretboard cleaner less risky.

  5. After the steel wool, I would have either dusted off the tape but left it on, or perhaps replaced it and not remove it till done oiling the fretboard. I would have used boiled linseed oil. I would have used an extra piece of tape and completely covered the hole so no dust could get down inside. But I'm not a pro so take what I say with a grain of salt.

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  7. I'm so glad I just watched this. I used the same fretboard conditioning oil awhile back, and I realize now I applied it almost completely wrong. I just ordered the F-One polish and conditioning oil again yesterday, and now I know I'm going to apply it right. Another benefit I noticed from the conditioning oil that wasn't mentioned here is that once your fretboard is properly moisturized, it really helps with playability. It feels so good. Thanks for this video!!!

  8. I appreciate the obvious love, care and experience being offered here. And the level of detail. Thank you.

  9. Great Video, Thank You for taking the time to make this, I am do a set up ( for the first time ever ) Fingers crossed.

  10. I like how this dude cleaned the fretboard. However, I wouldn't have used a rag to clean off the steel wool "dust" from the body. I would've blown it off… and away from the soundhole.

  11. What should I use for a guitar that doesn't have finish(not polished). I bought an all acacia wood guitar and there is no finish. Much like a fine wooden chair.

  12. Can I maintain a maple fretboard acoustic guitar by the same procedures?
    Is anything more (or less) required?

  13. You’ll get a clean guitar and a beard following this method. I find a little spit and a shirt gets my 6 string and me looking fancy.

  14. I just wanted to say, thank you SO much for this tutorial. I'm a guitar enthusiast and I play for fun mostly in my bedroom but I hadn't cleaned my guitar in over 5 years….. I know. I didn't realize that they needed so much care just like any other piece of furniture. I bought all the supplies you suggested and got to cleaning following your tutorial step by step and WOW! She's SHINING!!!! She looks beautiful! I'm amazed what a little steel wool, lemon oil, polish a new set of strings can do to an old lil guitar! Beautiful! Thanks again!

  15. awesome video, but a correction on your steal wool comment. NOT back and forth (3:54) but "up and down". great video. subscribed.

  16. So remember, an angle grinder with a wire wheel, gorilla tape and acetone is out of the question people. Just saying.

  17. I actually have already broken my left pinkie.

    How is that involved in summoning up sone wonderful tone fairies, young Gandalf?.

    God gave Western Man the credit card not only to avoid touching dirty cash but also to clean a guitars fretboard without fear of slashing one's remaining pinkie off.

  18. 🚩Thanks Tony, Once again..So helpful! Was wondering best Polish for Acoustic VS Electric. Looks like i was right..Yippie. Boy,taking care of yout Guitar Coral must take some time,like both sides of a Vinal ☺

  19. I was all ready to clean my guitar but realized I didn’t have the ‘Select Size’ paper towels…so I’ll just put it off another year.

  20. Wow! Been studying this process for over 50 years, and this is the best video I've seen for this. Yeah, I'm not crazy about the razor blade, but it works perfectly if you;re as careful and deliberate as Tony. I like the credit card idea from Matt Brillhart.

    I do object to the Lemon Oil. Old-timers still use it but it's too thick and you can get a gummy build-up over time. Plus, the slightest drop can ruin the finish, so it's dangerous. I notice Tony says Lemon Oil but uses F-One, a product designed for the task. Music Nomad has a great one as well.

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