Acacia Wood Flooring

Small Leaf Acacia Flooring

What is Acacia wood?

Timber NameAcacia, Asian Walnut, Small leaf aacia, short leaf acacia
OriginSouthern China; Indonesia, Malaysia
Density850g/cm3 – 920g/cm3
Janka Hardness1750 lb
Bending Strength85-105 MPa
ApplicationWood flooring; furnitures; musical instruments
Wood GrainWith elegant wave grain; fine texture;graceful color
Properties of timber1.Acacia wood texture feels smooth and fine;
2.heartwood is brown or chocolate color;3.timber structure is very stable, not easy to deform;4.very high wood toughness;
5.very good corrosion resistance;6.not easy to shrink in areas of big temperature difference;

Is acacia wood good for flooring ?

1 acacia wood has the feature of strong corrosion resistance.2 acacia wood is mixed with dark chocolate color and light brown color, looks very graceful and classic. 

3 its wood grain is very beautiful, with clear mountain lines and little straight lines, similar to black walnut.

4 mixed with its elegant feeling, acacia wood flooring is very suitable for hand-scraped finishing or 

distressed finishing,

The specialties of Small leaf acacia wood flooring:Short leaf Acacia wood is full of art feeling, with graceful waves of grain and color of elegance. The aesthetic looking and exquisite texture of acacia parquet at home brings about the feeling of living in palace of art, the beauty of nature and life always surrounding the houses. The breathing of timber, the singing of birds,the warming of the sun, follows every step on the acacia flooring. Small Leaf Acacia wood flooring, would be best option for people seeking elegance and nature.

Small leaf Acacia Hardwood Flooring form Chancelier Flooring   

Natural Color Acacia Wood FlooringBrown Color Acacia Wood flooring
Natural Color Acacia FlooringBrown Color Acacia flooring
Bronze Color Acacia wood flooringSunset Color  Acacia wood flooring
Bronze Color Acacia flooringSunset Color  Acacia flooring
 Golden Color Acacia Wood FlooringHand scraped Rustic Acacia Wood Flooring
Golden Color Acacia Wood FlooringHand scraped Rustic Acacia Wood Flooring

Chancelier wood flooring, a leading & professional manufacturer of hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring & parquet flooring in China, has lots of experience in producing small leaf acacia hardwood flooring and acacia engineered wood flooring. Short Leaf Acacia flooring looks very beautiful, but it is not easy for production, because of its knots surface & high hardness. Chancelier wood flooring has been producing acacia flooring over 10 years, mainly exporting USA & Canada, Middle east. 

Chancelier wood flooring mainly supply small leaf acacia hardwood flooring with the size of random length x 3-1/2 x 3/4, random length x 4-3/4 x 3/4.

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