Attic mold treatment – part 1

Part 1, trying to kill off some left over attic mold, from when an older roof was leaking.

10 thoughts on “Attic mold treatment – part 1

  1. Hey bud .. hit it with hydrogen peroxide 12% or rmr 141. Then spray with rmr 86 or MMR. Google it. The bleach won't penetrate the wood

  2. This whole "mold" craze is a joke. There are mold spores EVERYWHERE. I
    can put a petri dish in a chlorine factory and get a growth of mold.
    Yes, as with anything there are extremes you want to look for…. but if
    you see a little staining on some plywood from a previous roof leak, I
    would not get all excited.

  3. Problem is his insulation is covering up his soffit vents, and he's got no air flow in the attic. He needs a gable end fan, or to close up the gable end vents, and cut in a ridge vent, with proper soffit ventilation. He can kill the mold all he wants. It will continue to come back unless he fixes the ventilation issue.

  4. why the haters? He's doing his best without paying a crew to come in. Better to do something than nothing.

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