AWESOME RUSSIAN SKS – How to customize a gun stock

I am a licensed gun owner, who always follows legal and safety protocol extensively. Always be sure of your local laws relating to firearms, and take extreme caution when doing custom work as seen in this video. This video is not meant to provide accurate SKS rifle instruction, and I assume no responsibility for any persons injured in relation to the contents of this video. This video is solely for entertainment purposes.


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43 thoughts on “AWESOME RUSSIAN SKS – How to customize a gun stock

  1. Hey ladies and gentlemen, I hope you liked this video!

    Please note that I take extreme caution in any subject relating to firearms. This video is for entertainment purposes only, and I accept no responsibility if any of you decide to try this job for yourself and have an accident. ALWAYS BE AWARE OF YOUR LOCAL LAWS, AND BE EXTREMELY CAREFUL WHEN HANDLING OR MODIFYING FIREARMS.

  2. I know federally it is legal to shoot and hunt but that might change to provance to provance

    do not vote Liberal NDP, or Green,

  3. At first I thought this guy was going to ruin the stock by making it black like everyone else but it actually turned out really nice. Great work man.

  4. Hey man, love the finish product of your SKS. I've been thinking of doing something similar with mine but I just might copy yours. It looks so great and would look awesome with a detachable 20 rnd mag. Keep up the great content man! Cheers from a fellow newfie 🍻

  5. I'm a little late to the party, but if you are forbidden from having a bayonet on your SKS, you might want to make a telescopic mono pod to mount where the bayonet was.

    I really like how you thinned the grip I had been thinking that would be a useful modification.

  6. I did the same thing to my sks stock when I got it .took it down to 100 grit then 150 then 300 then 400 grit then steel wool “000” then back to 400 ..then stained it with oil base stain an oil based finisher to give it some shine .disk sander will be your best friend

  7. well all i can say is sad to say so many people in the east voted liberal why because your nice sks will get banned just like mine and i have many 1949 all matching numbers plus a 51 all match along with a chinese all matching plus a 53 non matching it will be a sad day for canada when they outlaw them

  8. Hey man! Love your videos. Shout out from Prince Edward Island! I know that accent anywhere. You'e gotta be from NFLD

  9. CNN reported: alt-right neo nazi racialized by Ben Shapiro and Steven Crowder while modifying ar15 assault rifle to shoot minorities… 🤗

  10. Nice job like collecting SKS to I would tread the barrel and put a muzzle break or Flash compensator on her and they’re good for moose if you keep it under 200 yards just wondering if you know about the Chinese type 81 it’s sold in Canada and there’s a couple hair Newfoundland

  11. when I first saw you burning that I thought, "oh that looks like shit". but seeing it done, I'm happy to say I was very wrong. finished product is pretty damn nice lookin'…well done.

  12. Looks Awesome : Did you re-blue the metal or paint it? Looking to do something similar to mine, any tips on touching up the metal parts is appreciated.

  13. Man, I'd never, ever take a torch to the beautiful Arctic Birch stock on a Russian SKS. To each their own, I guess.

  14. Where is the bayonet? Laminate stocks were for refurb rifles. I dont think they were original. I have a Russian with laminated stock. I like the reddish gold look better.

  15. Lols gave you a thumbs up for the Steven Crowder and Ben mention. Always good to hear from likeminded individuals

  16. A trick I learned was taking bees wax and after sanding your stock down smooth and removed any old varnish and rub the bee's wax onto the stock then take a blow dryer over it on low heat it will slowly darken the stock and the more wax you add the darker it gets and it water proofs the stock.

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