Basement Waterproofing Paint, efflorescence

Basement Waterproofing Paint failure. Many water proofing paints simply do not work. If there is moisture coming through the concrete, then efflorescence will degrade the concrete and the paint will just fail then the concrete itself falls off. In order to properly seal the concrete a silicate sealer that goes into the wall is needed. It is very common for us to discover concrete dust at the base of the wall, this is where your degraded wall ends up, as dust on the floor. Its very hard for a paint to work when the wall itself is failing. we encounter this in many flooded basements that we work in.

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  1. Would a radon sealer work for red brick? I was told to use a vynl concrete but was wondering if sealing the wall would be best first.

  2. So im a manager of a store and the building was built in 1896 and i noticed salt buildup on the basement walls and the mortar between the stones is basically sand at this point i can use my fingers to brush it away and some of the stones themselves have legit holes in them and it looks like a salt geode in them….should the owner shut down our location for foundation replacement or is something this bad still savable?

  3. Ugh! This is my problem now after whoever lived here before me. Very helpful tips, hopefully they work out for me! Thank you!

  4. Is there a video somewhere to show how to clean up the walls with this type of issue…  the best way to blast or sand the walls etc ( I don't have many tools yet)

  5. Michael I just did my bsmnt walls I have a granite block foundation you need to repoint take a chipping gun dig out the old cement and replace with new then water proof it's a tuff job but worth it

  6. Awesome, thanks for your help! (there's a carpet along my whole basement floor where the paint is peeling so a pressure washer would kiiiiinda be out of the question though) but in any event, thanks so much!

  7. First as much of the loose paint as possible needs to be removed as you are capable of doing. One method would be a roto blaster mounted on a pressure washer. These work great but make a big mess. Then let it dry. Then apply a product called Radon Seal Plus. This will seal the concrete and motor and strengthen and harden as well. You can follow with a antimicrobial paint to prevent mold.
    Hope that helps.

  8. Once your basement walls have sustained this amount of damage, what methods would you recommend to fix it?

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