Bleach 36-37. Zaraki Kenpachi Approaches! Motive of the Fist | Reaction

So… I know this was a long wait. I’m experiencing serious problems with the schedule, due to copyright issues and a lot of personal life stuff. So right now nothing is certain – I’m just doing my best and we’ll see how it goes from here😪

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14 thoughts on “Bleach 36-37. Zaraki Kenpachi Approaches! Motive of the Fist | Reaction

  1. My 2 favorite captains in 2 episodes ! Zaraki Kenpachi of squad 11 and Kyoraku Shunsui of squad 8…They have both insane powers in very different ways !! Zaraki is a pure berserker fighting machine working on instinct alone and Shunsui is the calm strategic logical warrior…Chad as no idea how lucky he was to fight Kyoraku, probably one of 2 captain who would not have killed him !

  2. Man that last episode was a really cool one, sad to read the discription of the video and the change of the schedule though 😖

  3. I tell ya I got more out of one piece than any other anime out there. It can be a little weird at first but it hits you are the core real quick.

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