Building Up A Model Railway S2 Ep8 | Laying track on the fiddle yard | Point motor fun | 3D Printing

Welcome to S2 Episode 8 of Build Up A Model Railway, We cover track laying, point motors, a little on DCC wiring and get lots of clips of my some nice locos running around. Also we cover a mini 3D printing project I completed for the GoPro Wagon replacement which was fun.

If you have any questions about anything you see in the video please leave a comment below and I will answer it as soon as I am available.

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50 thoughts on “Building Up A Model Railway S2 Ep8 | Laying track on the fiddle yard | Point motor fun | 3D Printing

  1. Good luck with your model railway plus. I got my self a 3D printer the same but it is the v3 one one time I show you my one

  2. I found your channel tonight for the first time and really enjoyed watching this episode. You have a great presenting style which I find very easy to listen to and you impart lots of information. You mentioned that you were wiring for dcc but I note that you haven't fitted any isolating fishplates on the frogs?

  3. My favorite is tom Tomas THE thank engine because it has a very nice Piston Rod and a clean smokebox. I Also like THE fine big train pipe on tom.

  4. Hi Tris – I always enjoy watching the videos and my New Year ewsolution is to tidy the wiring LOL. nice to see the amount of views and subs you are getting as it is well deserved as the channel is excellent…#
    All the best for 2021…………Cheers Kev

  5. Looks great, I've now caught up and watched all your videos in just under 2 weeks lol In your opinion, if you started again would you have the whole layout as DCC or have a mixture? I have also watched Charlie and other model railway channels and am undecided. I think cost may have some influence as well. Any how, not sure what I'm going to do now as watching your videos have been taking up much of my time. Looking forward to your next instalment, keep up the good work. PS it's been fun watching your hair and beard grow back lol

  6. Another awesome video, thank you Tris. Looking forward to learning more about DCC, I’m solely DC at this point but it’s good to know more, and none of my layouts are especially large as yet, but I think having a mixed condition is a great idea as well. I’m quite keen to see if Hornby’s Bluetooth phone DC control system will be any good since that can operate 2 lines per module and simulate braking which would be good to try

  7. Nice job bud but I cannot stress this enough get a rotary cutter because your life with cutting track will be so much better I got mine on Amazon for £17 and I’m never going to cut track with anything else trust me on this get one as always a brilliant video you always inspire me to get off my arse and do some work on my railway much love bud hopefully 2021 will be better

  8. Hi Trish. Thank you for the channel. I enjoy learning from your journey. I note you have chosen insulfrog points. Any problems with short wheelbase locos, e.g. 0-4-0 tanks? Also, you seem to be using set-track points. Any reason for these over streamline? Am in the process of building my boards so great timing 👍

  9. Hi tris what a great video. Your wiring is so neat and tidy(mine isn't) not a criticism but watch the sticky pads I've had them and after awhile they fall off. Not sure if they all do but mine did. Becareful with pressing down too hard with blunt blades they tend to shatter.(had to dig one from my arm) another idea for your camera wagon you could make a false cover to clip on so when not filming it's just a normal wagon. Looking forward to next video. Stay safe.

  10. I’ve been following your progress almost from the beginning and used a lot of your tips, thank you. Electrics is something I have never been sure of and although I am strictly DC, I found this video useful on that side of things. Thanks for sharing your journey. Roy.

  11. Yay,Cant Wait To See Fiddle Operations. Watch The Construction Was So Satisfying. The Most Satisfying Part Though,Was The Shot Of The Pannier Going Past.

  12. Love your videos, so therapeutic, you make it all look really easy, just started my own layout but going to try something very unusual, there's probably a good reason why not many people do a deep level London Underground layout, we'll see!

  13. Hi Tris (Triss?). I really enjoyed this video. I was a little confused: after you arranged 4 tracks on the fiddle yard (the furthest with a wagon onit) then the next we knew, you were sizing up the branchline that was then to connect with the fiddle yard – what was happening there?

  14. I went DCC several years ago. I absolutely swear by it!! My main running locomotives all use the Hornby TTS sound decoders, and are:
    Pitchford Hall (Bachmann)
    D3920 Class 37
    47054 Class 47
    0846 Class 08 shunter in DB Schenker livery
    And of course, there are the ‘visiting locomotives’ that deserve adding to the fleet.

  15. Good to see you again!! Please remind me what era your layout depicts. Mine will depict modern heritage railway at the heritage railway on which I volunteer.

  16. Great upload Tris, nice to see you point out the people that helped influence some of your decisions. That's the beauty of this community, how we can learn from one another to help us build our layout to a certain standard. The wiring you done looks spot on, as you said, keep it tidy to help you in the future. Enjoying following your progress on your layout build. All the best. Brian @ The Angels.

  17. Enjoyed watching that, you mentioned you have sold loads of those cooper sleepers for the joints, can you point me in the right direction? That 3D printer looks impressive and the layout is coming along nicely.

  18. Great videos tris. One thing on dcc and sound locos, why not just for now get a Hornby tts decoder just until you’re can afford the top stuff. That’s what I’ve done and I love it. 👍

  19. Hey Tris, I don’t use DCC but my understanding was that the points need to be isolated with plastic rail joiners. More over the SEEP PL2 which you have there won’t change the polarity of the point I think you need that for DCC. Might just want to look into this. All the best.

  20. Hello, great video. Watched you use your cable ties and bought a set as they will be really useful on my own layout. I was wondering if I could ask an advice question? As you work in electronics with RC cars and now trains. I have a small circuit board which is used to power points. It's open to the world and I haven't found a good way of securing it. It doesn't come with screw holes so the only thing I can think of is either to glue to wood or use two pieces of metal to hold it in place. I haven't got the metal so will look to see if I can find something but I was wondering if you could think of a better way?

  21. Hello Tris loved the video as usual your fiddle yard looks great your track laying is very good for the fiddle yard and btw i love that camera car you have made i think it looks great. Cheers and all the best.

  22. Hi Tris, very enjoyable video mate, very informative.
    Love your attitude towards the hobby and you really are very good in front of the camera whereas I come over as grizzly bear or so I am told.
    Would like to have seen a bit more on the cable lay out for the point work like you did with the bus wire as I am still totally confused by it all. Yes I know it will become a lot clearer when you actually start doing it.
    Love the wagon with the camera in it.
    Regards Chris

  23. by the way you could also modify the camera wagon so that it can have a track cleaning pad under neath it

  24. hi mate, amazing video i really enjoyed it. how long does it take to print and would it be possible if you could make me one. Many thanks and keep up the great work, Jack

  25. Hi Tris exciting developments for the New Year, look forward to seeing them become reality over the coming months my friend.

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