Acacia Wood Flooring

Small Leaf Acacia Flooring

What is Acacia wood?

Timber NameAcacia, Asian Walnut, Small leaf aacia, short leaf acacia
OriginSouthern China; Indonesia, Malaysia
Density850g/cm3 – 920g/cm3
Janka Hardness1750 lb
Bending Strength85-105 MPa
ApplicationWood flooring; furnitures; musical instruments
Wood GrainWith elegant wave grain; fine texture;graceful color
Properties of timber1.Acacia wood texture feels smooth and fine;
2.heartwood is brown or chocolate color;3.timber structure is very stable, not easy to deform;4.very high wood toughness;
5.very good corrosion resistance;6.not easy to shrink in areas of big temperature difference;

Is acacia wood good for flooring ?

1 acacia wood has the feature of strong corrosion resistance.2 acacia wood is mixed with dark chocolate color and light brown color, looks very graceful and classic. 

3 its wood grain is very beautiful, with clear mountain lines and little straight lines, similar to black walnut.

4 mixed with its elegant feeling, acacia wood flooring is very suitable for hand-scraped finishing or 

distressed finishing,

The specialties of Small leaf acacia wood flooring:Short leaf Acacia wood is full of art feeling, with graceful waves of grain and color of elegance. The aesthetic looking and exquisite texture of acacia parquet at home brings about the feeling of living in palace of art, the beauty of nature and life always surrounding the houses. The breathing of timber, the singing of birds,the warming of the sun, follows every step on the acacia flooring. Small Leaf Acacia wood flooring, would be best option for people seeking elegance and nature.

Small leaf Acacia Hardwood Flooring form Chancelier Flooring   

Natural Color Acacia Wood FlooringBrown Color Acacia Wood flooring
Natural Color Acacia FlooringBrown Color Acacia flooring
Bronze Color Acacia wood flooringSunset Color  Acacia wood flooring
Bronze Color Acacia flooringSunset Color  Acacia flooring
 Golden Color Acacia Wood FlooringHand scraped Rustic Acacia Wood Flooring
Golden Color Acacia Wood FlooringHand scraped Rustic Acacia Wood Flooring

Chancelier wood flooring, a leading & professional manufacturer of hardwood flooring, engineered wood flooring & parquet flooring in China, has lots of experience in producing small leaf acacia hardwood flooring and acacia engineered wood flooring. Short Leaf Acacia flooring looks very beautiful, but it is not easy for production, because of its knots surface & high hardness. Chancelier wood flooring has been producing acacia flooring over 10 years, mainly exporting USA & Canada, Middle east. 

Chancelier wood flooring mainly supply small leaf acacia hardwood flooring with the size of random length x 3-1/2 x 3/4, random length x 4-3/4 x 3/4.

Property Water Damage Restoration Is Costly

If water leaks into the ground of your home and it is accompanied by moisture and humidity, it can cause mold. Within the space of Two Days, mold can begin to grow any place there is a leak of water or wetness. You may not see it, but it can conceal somewhere in your house. If your house remains in a drier environmental area, the mold development can be less, however you might still deal with mold direct exposure. With mold can likewise come bad germs that can grow inside the home, along with outside the building, where it can spread out and reproduce. As is the case, there are a couple of things you may wish to know about water damage remediation.

leak detector

Another reason basements flood is due to the fact that of the way the land around your house does not enable penetration of the rain water. If the ground has a high water table level around your home the ground can be quickly flooded. This causes the extra water to stay on the top of the lawn which could easily cause the water to flow towards your home and flood the basement. , if this is the case for your house it is best to dig paths away from your home to relieve the gathering of water in your basement..


You might not be able to see all the damage, however it exists. A great deal of times, it might simply be excessive for a couple of individuals to handle. Rest ensured you will certainly require to have expert aid if you’re dealing with a leak that was continuous or a serious inclement weather condition.

Use fans and/or a dehumidifier. Certainly this part requires electricity. However if you still have your power on then set up any and all box fans and dehumidifiers that you have at your disposal. These kinds of gadgets will certainly help expedite the drying process.

Among the important things that you can practice is, water damage mitigation regularly checking your sinks and pipelines for any leakages. Also bear in mind of how long water decreases in your drains. Sluggish drainage circulation could mean that there are some things which are blocking the water which could make the pipeline burst or leakage. This could also cause for sinks to overflow. Detection of leakage can be challenging and hard to discover. However there are methods that you can utilize to look for any leakages. One technique makes usage of your water meter. You can monitor your water meter for about an hour with all your faucets and water-operated appliances switched off. , if you see any change in the meter suggesting usage this would signify that you might have a leak in your pipelines..

Plumbing problems

Which brings us to another point. What about the wet sub-floor? Keep in mind that carpet resembles a screen, and the carpet will pass thin down to the pad very rapidly. A saturated pad can then release water into the sub-floor.

You can work with a company to help or you can fix the problem yourself. It depends upon the intensity of the circumstance. Water damage restoration isn’t really constantly easy, but it can be. If the broken area is small and restricted, it might make sense to deal with it yourself. Nevertheless, if your gut instincts tell you that you truly have a problem on your hands, it is best to hire experts.


Flood Damage

Damages through floods have increased in the past few years and many countries around the world are experiencing floods almost every year. There are efforts made each year to control the floods that occur in the nation every year. Every year, United States faces number of floods, some of which make wide spread destruction. Continuous efforts are made so that damages due to floods are significantly reduced. A number of committees are also set up, that help to understand the flood situation of the nation. Many organizations are also set up that help in the assessment of the flood situation of the nation. These organizations devices method to control floods, so that minimum damage of life and property is caused.

flood large

Nature of Damages

The damage that can be caused by floods can be too severe. It can ruin hundreds of homes, wash away cattle, crops and cause unimaginable loss to life and property. Under most circumstances the damages caused by floods are unimaginable, and can be of huge amounts. The floods ravage many places every year, no matter what steps are undertaken in order to prevent the damages. Water enters homes and stays there for weeks, causing widespread damage. When water enters the homes, maximum damage occurs to the sub floor material. In cases of long submersions, the adhesives of the floor loosen. This causes permanent damage to the floors, and requires immediate replacement. The tiles also become badly soaked in the floodwaters and require replacement as soon as the floodwaters recede. In case the floors of a house are made up of a vinyl sheet or linoleum, water may seep into the sheets and cause irreparable damage. This may also require the replacement of the entire sheet, but any kind of replacement requires drying of the sheet.

flood damaged tennessee

Other Aspects of Flood Damage

Floods also cause immense stench that becomes unbearable once the water resides. People try to make the use of different techniques to get rid of the stench. All the interior surfaces that were in contact with the floodwater require proper kind of scrubbing, which is best done with hot water, followed by a laundry beach with a gallon of water. Upholstered furniture is quite difficult to savage. All things that are damaged by the floodwaters require proper washing with the help of disinfectants, so that the odor as well as the germs is done away with. Mild dew often develops on furniture that has been wet for long, and since floodwaters usually stay for a prolonged period, this is a common problem with the floodwater. Milddew can also cause much damage, and takes the form of a gray and white mold, that leaves a stain on all furniture. Once the furniture is stained, it becomes quite difficult to remove the stain and involves a number of processes. In case the molds spread in the inner portions of the furniture, it becomes difficult to remove them, and require professional cleaning.

flood stench

Do I Need Flood Insurance?

Does my homeowner’s insurance cover floods?

Floods are one of the most common natural occurrences in the United States and your home does not necessarily have to be in a high risk area to be affected by flooding. According to statistics by the National Flood Insurance Program, there is a 26% likelihood of a flood occurring during a 30 year mortgage term vs. only a 9% chance of a house fire. Your typical homeowner’s insurance policy does not cover damage from floods. This is a fact that many homeowners are unaware of until the flood and damage has occurred. You will have to obtain a separate flood insurance policy offered by the National Flood Insurance Program.

insurance claim form

This type of insurance is usually referred to as “single peril” policy. If you reside in a designated flood prone area, then you are required by law to obtain flood insurance. Flood hazard maps are available to determine an area’s risk. Do not think you won’t be affected by not living in high risk areas. Almost 25 % of the NFIP’s claims for flood insurance are filed in areas with only a low to medium flood risk. If a storm drain or sewer overflows, unexpected floods can occur in any area, whether high risk or low risk.

insurance claim form

A homeowner’s insurance policy only covers damage such as sudden burst in water pipes; not flood damage. If you experience flood damage with no insurance, then you will definitely incur colossal losses.

It is imperative to be equipped with protection from floods that occur with storms, hurricanes and heavy rains. Homeowners should not assume that if their home is not in a high risk area, then they will not be affected by floods. You can obtain proper flood damage insurance by visiting Being equipped with the right type of policy will help you pay for repairing damage done by flooding.

Want to Keep Your Digital Camera Away From Water Damage? Waterproof it!

Cameras are essential in your life. They capture you and your family’s precious moments, some of which may only happen once in a lifetime. This is the reason why you bring them everywhere with you to the beach, park, pool, games, weddings, parties and many more. Unfortunately, this is also where they may be exposed to the dangers of getting wet or worse, being submerged in water. Spilled drinks cannot be avoided and there is the mist and rain that may also cause water damage to the camera.

waterproof camera

Gone are the days of film cameras; now is the age of digital cameras with microprocessors and complicated electronic components. Water is the number one enemy of electronics. To save on expensive repairs due to water damage, the best thing would be to waterproof your camera. You can buy a waterproof digital camera or if you already have the regular digital camera and do not want to spend more on a new camera, enclose it in waterproof digital camera cases.

Most people buy waterproof digital camera cases only when they have experienced the pain of having to pay for camera repair.  The cases are not standard accessories that come when you purchase the camera.  They have to be bought separately. There are cases that are just water resistant with rubberized shells but have openings for the buttons or lenses meaning that they do not totally protect water from getting in when the camera is dunked in water or exposed to heavy water flow. You need to get the waterproof digital camera cases that can withstand water immersion. However, these cases are typically bulky.

Today, waterproof digital cameras are designed not just to be waterproof but to be dust proof and shockproof as well. Most of these have metal casings instead of plastic ones. Special O-rings seal the openings and working components in order to keep out water, dust and dirt. When scuba diving or snorkeling is one of your favorite activities, a waterproof digital camera gives you the opportunity to take underwater photos or videos. Your photo sessions can expand to include your child’s first swim or his first walk in the rain.

When you have bought either of the two options, the next thing would be maintenance. Always go through the manual that goes with the case or the camera. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions in order to achieve what the manufacturer intended the product for. For instance, a grain of sand that goes in the joints of the case or the camera can possibly cause a slight gap in the seal which will affect its waterproofing ability. Or taking out the camera beyond the water depth that it is rated for can possibly result in water getting in due to the pressures of the depth where it was taken to.


When you are looking for waterproof digital camera cases or the waterproof digital camera itself, always shop around and compare prices. This way, you get what you really need at a price that is commensurate to its reputation, durability and function.

What to look for in a water damage company ?

You can save yourself many hours of frustration just by knowing what to look for in a water damage company. By dealing with companies with the proper credentials, you can also save money in the long run by staying away from less than stellar contractors who are just out to make a buck. These types of contractors often perform drying shortcuts and provide horrible services that will require you to shell out even more money.


The water damage restoration of interior space structures 10-15 years ago is very much primitive compared to how it is done today.In the old days, the technician peddled or set up, dried as much equipment as needed, and handled every damage in the same way.Standards had not been developed to specify what should be done in every situation.

water damage restoration

To say an industry has come a long way is an understatement. After years of careful analysis, today’s drying solutions are based on objective factors like: building size, type and amount of moisture present and materials involved. Precise instruments are used to measure the drying progress so that the technician is sure all moisture has been removed. There are a variety of equipment and solutions available to the contractor to remove water.

When you are evaluating a water damage professional sometimes it is better to look for a person that has the following

  • Certification and training from an independent body like the IICRC. These individuals have been exposed to the basic and in some cases advanced methods of structural drying.
  • The correct type and limits of liability insurance. Many companies doing this work are not insured for claims that arise as a result of improper drying.

The company you choose should also be able to offer excellent references for this type of work. People hate to go through a disaster, but if they have worked with a committed, caring professional; the experience is not nearly as frustrating.