Yellow Jackets INFESTATION inside Bedroom wall! Sleeping with Wasps!

Yellow Jackets decided to share a bedroom with a client! But this client decided to call me to have the freeloaders EVICTED!

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Enerzen by OION Technologies LB-444 Commercial HEPA Air Purifier 3500 Sq. Ft. Ozone Ionizer Cle…

Click The Link Below to Get This Product Today. – Enerzen by OION Technologies LB-444 Commercial HEPA Air Purifier 3500 Sq. Ft. Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Clean Air

Enerzen by OION Technologies LB-444 Commercial HEPA Air Purifier 3500 Sq. Ft. Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Clean Air

what is an air ionizer? (are ıonic air purifiers safe for your health).
find reviews of the best ionizer air purifiers at: .. another type of air ioniser is the electrostatic discharge (esd) ioniser (balanced ion generator) used to neutralise static charge.
an air ioniser (or negative ion generator or “chizhevsky’s chandelier”) is a device that uses high voltage to ionise (electrically charge) air molecules.
what are some other pros of air ionizer purifiers well first of all it does kill mold and pollution its relatively inexpensive at least it should be. this is mark and welcome to the air ionizer purifiers video guide brought to you by aliveair.
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we explain how ionizers work and how air purifiers work to clean the air.
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Did exactly what I expected to it do. Kills basement mildew and animal orders. Keep in mind that while in use the machine will produce a metallic scent. The scent will begin to dissipate as soon as it is shut off.
Noticed a peculiar odor after turning it on and then learned to turn down the speed which helped! Gradually adjusting speed! First week, was all right, after adjustment doing better and we can tell if it isn’t turned on by stuffiness in the air.
Wow, Amazing, This One Works…. !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
We use ours in the bedroom… overnight my wife who has lots of allergies…. awoke the next morning without a stuffy nose, her Hearing was Improved, her vision in her Right Eye Greatly Improved…. Amazing, She felt good for the Whole Day and Night….. We just used the Neg Ion Fan not the Ozone setting.
for sleeping… We continue to use Our Enerzen Air Purifier Daily…. Mahalo Wes n Wanda Anzai – Mililani Hawaii Enerzen by OION Technologies LB-444 Commercial HEPA Air Purifier 3500 Sq.
Ft. Ozone Ionizer Cleaner Clean Air
Immediately felt a difference in our home. I run the HEPA 24/7 and will run the ozone in the bedroom during the day. I was suffering from terrible (new) allergies and had to do something.
Now, I am more concerned about breathing the “fresh” air outside because of whatever it is I have become allergic to. Huge improvement.
I bought this item because I was hoping it would help with allergies… while it didnt…Im not sure I even have allergies in the first place. This air purifier is Great quality in the physical look and is just a nice white noise in the background.
I run it fairly constant and it shows no signs of wear. Very impressed and would buy another.
My hubby bought this unit to de-scent his truck and trailer for hunting. Made quick work on the truck, removing all scent. Did the same for the trailer, leaving it nice and refreshing, removing all cooking and cleaning odors and scents.
Easy to use, easy to set up anywhere, and does a great job!
Im amazed that this small system can clear smoke Oder in less than an hour of treatment. For indoor smokers, not a bad idea to invest in this machine (or similar air purifiers).
Watch out for the ozone smell. There are questions and concerns about the safety of using this treatment. I could feel dizzy and agitated by small exposure to it, you can accidentally leave it on when you sleep.
Does a decent job on fan mode. Personally the noise doesnt bother me. Overall, a good product worth a purchase for indoor smokers.
Very deceptive product description. 3500 sq.ft. is a bold lie. Evaluate the small print and consider industry standards, this unit is appropriate for enclosed 50 square feet. Please don’t make the same mistake I did. Take a pass.
Wouldn’t buy this for a small space I love it my house is 2800sq ft…

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How To Remove Water Stains From Ceiling Tile – Perfect Results

How To Remove Water Stains From White Ceiling Tile show how to remove water stains as a resutl of water damage from acoustic ceiling tile with perfecte results.
Kilz spary based oile = Or
White Matte Rust-Oleum =
2×2 Dropp Ceiling Tiles Used =
2×2 Drop Ceiling tiles =

Real Atlanta Lifestyles – Toxic Mold Remediation

Sherry Hoger 404-921-9510 . Toxic Mold what does it look like and how do you get it? Is Toxic Mold a do it yourself or should you hire a professional Mold Remediation. Take this quick video tour for instructions for eliminating mold and the cost and time involved.

Gracie Ermi | Learn Code to Save Whales!

Computer scientist Gracie Ermi builds technology platforms that just might help save our planet! Her work at Vulcan Inc. in Seattle, WA focuses specifically on protecting endangered animals. She will be sharing about writing code to support killer whale research in the Pacific Northwest, as well as her experience navigating the technology field and discovering that technology can be an avenue for anyone to make a positive impact in their communities and around the world.