2 ingredient Wood Conditioner

Make your own wood conditioner – tried this last night (1-2-14) and it made a world of difference. Just bought a 105 year old house with badly damaged wood floors under carpet (pet stains and white mold). Used hydrogen peroxide for cleaning the wood which worked great but then the wood had white patches all over from the peroxide. Used the oil/vinegar solution and it made the wood look great. Wish I would taken pics.

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With snow melting and Edmonton’s stormy rain seasons, you could end up with water damage and mold in your basement. TAKE ACTION and ensure your basement is dry. LeRoy Warden, host of Edmonton Real Estate Today and Chris Bottriell of Alberta Property Inspection Ltd share the key areas of your basement to investigate to see any water issues. Discover issues or problems early, so that you don’t end up with a disaster costing you more money later.

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Water broken ceilings can definitely be a safety hazard in your home, however no…

Water broken ceilings can definitely be a safety hazard in your home, however not everybody has the money to hire a professional to restore or replace the section of drywall affected. For mold remediation, Washington DC residents can call in an expert to help them cleanout the mold and repair any water harm that has been carried out to their house over the course of time. Another concern to think about with your water harm in the basement is the true possibility of molds that might develop on s

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