How Did My Basement Get Flooded?

Because basements are located underground, it is always prone to flooding. Whether your home is new or old, there will always be a possibility of a basement water problem so it is important to constantly inspect the basement for any signs of water leakage or seepage. When your basement gets flooded, there will not only be costly repairs required, especially if your basement is finished, but there will be health concerns and the risk of electrocution.

There are many reasons why your basement can get flooded, even if your home is new.

Flooded Basement

Flooded Basement

  • Your sanitary and rainwater sewers may be combined so excess water from outside can enter through the home’s drainpipes in the floor, sink or toilet. To prevent this, standpipes should be connected to the floor drain so that when water backs up into the floor drain, it stays in the standpipe instead of getting out. In new constructions, the Clean Water Act prevents routing of rainwater to the sewer systems.
  • Water that has congregated in a sidewalk, driveway outside next to the foundation wall may seep in through the cracks in the foundation. There may also be excessive rainwater in the grounds around the foundation which can also cause water to come into the basement. Many home owners have basement water sealing done to their home or install sump pumps as a preventive measure but this will not guarantee against floods or leakages.
  • Leaking toilet or leaking or busted pipe. It may not necessarily be in the basement itself. It may be in the upper floors but the water ends up dripping down to your basement. This has to be fixed or replaced right away.
  • Clogged tubs or sinks. Again, it might be in the upper floors but the water will end up in the lowest part of the house, the basement. The only remedy would be to unclog and fix the drains or the pipes so the water flows down to the drain pipe instead of to the basement.

  • For those who perpetually suffer basement water problems, it may be a good idea not only to waterproof your basement but to install a sump pump as well which can immediately remove whatever excess water there is before it does damage to your basement.

Hopefully, these suggestions will give you an idea as to why there is a water problem in your basement.