Crawl Space Mold Removal Tips | DIY Mold Remediation Crawl Space

Mold removal in a crawl space can be tough to do so make sure you do it correctly and safely. Proper protective equipment for mold removal is vital. Mold remediation requires applying negative air to make sure mold doesn’t spread to other areas of the home. This is often overlooked, even by professional mold remediation contractors.

What chemicals should you use and what chemicals should you stay away from during mold remediation? We prefer Anabec products and soda blasting when performing mold remediation.

We are crawl space encapsulation contractors located in East Tennessee, but we help homeowners all over the country make sure their crawl space encapsulation DIY project goes well. So, whether you are hiring crawl space encapsulation companies or just researching crawl space vapor barrier, this is an informative video to watch and channel to subscribe to for you.

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27 thoughts on “Crawl Space Mold Removal Tips | DIY Mold Remediation Crawl Space

  1. I vacuumed and then sprayed and scrub with distilled white vinegar… it stayed clean but then whiteish fizzy mold started appearing on the crawl space dirt (no plastic) then it started to appear on the wood again… having trouble keeping moister low… any recommendations?

  2. Hey guys, love your videos. Question colon what do I do about mold that has grown on the actual soil floor of the crawlspace?

  3. As a new home-owner, I'm glad to have found your channel! Here we seem to have a yellow powdery-looking mould that can grow in damp soil – it looks creepy! I'm becoming convinced that ventilated basements are not the best idea, especially where summer humidity can be high. I know that dehumidifiers can be effective in encapsulated crawl spaces, but could HRV or ERV systems also be effective (perhaps in conjunction with a dehu)?

  4. Do you have affiliates, whose quality you recommend, located in the Kingsport, Johnson City, Bristol, TN area?

  5. Do you know about Benefect Botanical Decon 30 Disinfectant Cleaner, and if it's effective in mold remediation? I've been told it's better for those of us who are mold sick and chemically sensitive.

  6. With your mold investigator kit what kind of test are they and if it's just a swab test or a tape lift couldn't you do it on any surface that isn't in a clean room and you would test positive for mold spores since they are everywhere in nature ?

  7. Thank you for the info!
    One question tho. I have a crawl space thats pretty tight to crawl around in. Would a Concrobium fogger be good for that? Any help will be greatly appreciated!

  8. Heart warming to see your attitude! I had a rental property in Birmingham that badly needed crawlspace work. All the companies I got quotes from used scare tactics and high pressure sales tactics. You don't strike me as using either of these techniques.
    Thanks for the great videos! Even when I don't do the work myself, videos like yours make me a much more savy consumer. I can get the job done well and not be at the mercy of a high pressure salesman.
    Could you please add a video about ways to wrap concrete block pillars. I've not been able to come up with a satisfactory way (to my thinking). In your videos the pillars look great, but how do you get a good barrier overlap?

  9. Crawl space mold removal performed by most crawl space removal companies offers no guarantee much less a warranty. We offer a 5-year minimum warranty on our hybrid crawl space encapsulation system. Learn more at

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