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Being a Crawl Space Ninja means that sometimes you encounter some very unusual scenarios. This was one such scenario.

A homeowner called us in bad need of some help. Due to recent storms, their home was sitting in nearly two-feet of water. We went over to take a look and found that their situation was not exactly a basement, yet not exactly a crawlspace. In actuality, it contained elements of both: a hybrid!

It was a complex job. But luckily, the homeowner’s called the right people: us! And we were able to remove the water, repair the structural damage, and install a solution to ensure that it would not happen again. Check out the video for much more detail, where we take you on a tour (with the homeowner’s permission of course!) of the hybrid crawl space + basement and exactly what work we did.
We are crawl space encapsulation contractors located in East Tennessee, but we help homeowners all over the country make sure their crawl space encapsulation DIY project goes well. So, whether you are hiring crawl space encapsulation companies or just researching crawl space vapor barrier, this is an informative video to watch and channel to subscribe to for you.

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2 thoughts on “Crawl Space Waterproofing with a Basement | Spray Foam Brick Walls

  1. This project wouldn't happen to have been in Coalfield, TN – would it? Reminds me of my grandparents home. Nice looking encapsulation.

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