Difference Between Cleaning Vinegar & Distilled Vinegar (Understanding Cleaning Chemicals Ep. 5)

What’s the difference between Cleaning Vinegar and Distilled White Vinegar? Does cleaning vinegar clean better? Can I eat it? Those questions and more I answer in today’s video!!

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34 thoughts on “Difference Between Cleaning Vinegar & Distilled Vinegar (Understanding Cleaning Chemicals Ep. 5)

  1. where in the world where i dont want to live are idiots being sold cleaning vinegar? i wonder if theres a 600% mark up???

  2. ok, so the difference between Cleaning Vinegar and Distilled Vinegar is clear since the beginning of the video. Just the words right? (cleaning / Distilled) Maybe you are trying to talk about Synthetic Acid and Vinegar, because, yeah ¡¡¡ there are not the same. As a matter of fact, it is not legal to use synthetic and named on the ingredient list or at the front label as Vinegar. And there is no problem with drinking synthetic acid, maybe you have done this before. and you are still here¡¡¡¡ the FDA has a regulation for that. Many food products use synthetic acid and they have great sales. The concentration is the secret.

    Maybe it will be better if you compare at the same concentrations. Vinegar could be made by acetobacters until 30%. None of us could grow, live, and less breath at this concentration. But they do. After that, you could have a microfiltration process, imagine vinegar through 0.25 microns. That means real clear Vinegar.

    On the other hand, you could dilute synthetic acid normally made at 99% until 30% with water. Finally, you will be ready to compare both cleaning processes.

  3. I'm looking to clean black mould from a wall and from websites I've seen they recommend distilled white vinegar and pour that into a spray bottle. So if it just says white vinegar or its a cleaning white vinegar that isn't so good as they say, as distilled is undiluted. So I want the stronger one that kills most mould on the wall and through it and they said that's distilled. Which type should I get to do this ? Also is it okay to use it in a plastic spray bottle ?

  4. Why do people perpetuate the myth that vinegar is such a great cleaner and disinfectant? It is a fact that vinegar is no more effective at disinfecting than soap. And it's obviously less effective at cleaning than soap. So, all you're really doing is making your house smell sour.

  5. A power sprayer and cleaning vinegar…..I 'm going to spray everywhere in this old house of mine that might be growing mold especially the areas of the attic and walls that might have been wet from the previously leaky roof.

  6. The cleaning vinegar i just got says fresh scent. Lol where? The vinegar for sure overpowers it. I don't mind. My microwave is all clean and disinfected now

  7. 🤔Ok he said distilled vinegar has 5% acidic acid and cleaning vinegar has 6% acidic acid. Then proceeds to say that makes cleaning vinegar 20% stronger than distilled vinegar. Where between 5 and 6% did you get 20%?

  8. Hi to questions I bought a product and dollar Family Dollar and it says it's vinegar cleaning vinegar and oxy and said it was safe for counters Windows cleaning cabinets cleaning off like your table and and I've been using it and I like it and I only pay $1 for it at Family Dollar and also the next question is I have a bathroom my husband only uses and I know your man and they go to the bathroom all over the place and I can't get the smell out of the bathroom I tried everything including bleach oxy not at the same time you different times of cleaning I have given up me and my daughter do not use that bathroom cuz it smells really file of urine and I I would have to clean it every day to make it smell decent and I don't have the time for that do you have any suggestions to make it this bathroom clean and odor-free

  9. Mr. Hernandez-Thank you so much for this info. Now I know I can clean with both vinegars my daughter brought home, saying she had to take what was there; the Distilled Vinegar had little odor at all, seemed she' bought a gallon of water there at a higher price ? My X was a chemistry major, and whenever I went to CLEAN he said "Nope" don't need anything with an advertised hyped label— ONE PART ALCOHOL, THREE PARTS VINEGAR CUT GREASE CLEANED EVERYTHING. (Easy to remember on the shopping list) Only problem , nowadays, with that is ALCOHOL'S SOLD OUT. BTW when Baking Soda is added to the MIX -about a cup-and it FOAMS UP…(cleaning all of the rust off of the pans and and old coins you've got sitting around. ) WHAT DOES THE FOAM "MEAN" AND WHAT'S IT GOOD FOR BESIDES RUST > I mixed this up and put it in the toilet tanks and let it sit -and didn't have to do any scrubbing! I told my housekeeper to stop using BLEACH to clean everything in the house; Also told her I had dream wherein the OCEANS were full of bleach and plastic bottles-True and I do dream allot-Ha ,an escape from all that cleaning I've had to do for myself sine the "maid" left! What's YOUR opinion on that ? I got better things to do with my right arm than scrubbing ANYTHING…Got an opinion on that ? Like to hear it ! STOP WASHING YOUR HANDS FOR GOD SAKE—dip your hands in (what % is available) alcohol-stop with the hyped up high priced HAND SANATIZER. I guess allot of FEMALES "think' they have to have the sweet smelling over priced SOAPS to put on their hands with their hand creams-why they buyin it? to spend money ? Wash em, glove m , and go, like Audrey Hepburn and Michael Jackson! ( I meant to mention too, that you have a very easy to listen to VOICE no hype in it-mostly information-(Reminds me of some friends who came out to visit from Kentucky a few years ago—they were singers and guitarists too! ) BTW (should be the title of my comment I suppose…..But Btw, I like what you're doing, here, and I wish you could NARRATE a video for CHILDREN who don't understand, that this Devilish Virus we are experiencing, is not LURKING AROUND YOUR KITCHEN COUNTERS to "get at you", and it doesn't CARE about how DIRTY they are, either–It wants to ride into town on the coattails of your friends and visitors, iNTO THE AIR….Now I'm supported by SCIENTISTS on the criteria on which I based song with a stolen melody from the UK songwriters from 1922 after the Influenza subsided and the Circus Came Back to Town!! Pls listen to "Devil be Gone With the Wind" and share it with your children sometime! (Well, with "the children out there", to help empower them! Thanks, and CONTINUE TO KEEP US CLEAN! GOOD INFO! GOOD JOB! LyndaFayeSmusic@gmail.com. PLS reinforce my lyric
    ' IT' flies through the air with the greatest of ease
    This Devilish Dragon, on its Flying Trapeze!
    It's big and it's bad, but it does not scare me!
    God will be watching that cough & the sneeze…..

    Only MELODY I ever stole in my LIFE! i'D HOPE the composers ot "The Man on…." would be honored to "hear" it!
    Courses they are all deceased now. (Public Domaine, yes ?)

  10. Hey there….is it ok to add a few drops of essential oil like lavender or eucalyptus to the vinegar without decreasing efficacy?

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