DIY How To Remove Baseboards, Trim, Moulding – No Wall Damage

In this video we show you how to quickly and safely remove baseboards without damage to walls, this is How To Remove Baseboards Fast and Correctly, With No Wall Damage. We’ll show you gentle surgery techniques you need for removing baseboards without damage. You don’t need any fancy baseboard puller tool for baseboard pulling away from wall, just a few simple tools is all it takes to Remove baseboard trim, or remove wall trim of any kind really.

✅ Tools used in this baseboard removal video
✅ LENOX Tools Gold Quick-Change Fixed Utility Knife:
✅ RED DEVIL 4251 6-in-1 Painters Tool
✅ Estwing Ultra Series Hammer – 19 oz Rip Claw Framer

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If you are about to begin removing baseboards, be sure to watch this how to video with our tips and tricks on how to remove baseboards without causing any damage to the walls.

We’ll show you how to make baseboard demo and removal easy

In this video we teach you the correct way to remove baseboard trim and molding from walls during demo without damaging them, and which baseboard removal tool works the best when you want to remove baseboards. It is important to first know how builders installed the old baseboard molding in the first place, so that you’ll know how to remove baseboard molding.

Baseboard trim Installers use an air powered brad nail gun to attach thin gauge brad nails into the old baseboard molding to install baseboards onto the walls, securing them to the drywall. Some installers actually attached the baseboard molding to the walls with big thick real nails, very unnecessary.

Baseboard installation and installing baseboard molding

Baseboard installers then caulk along the top of the baseboard molding where it meets the wall with a very strong grip on the baseboards.

Caulk holds the trim baseboards to the wall with the strength of 1000 nails. This is an important fact to know before you begin the baseboard removal process, to avoid tearing and ripping the paint off your walls, so a utility knife should be the first baseboard removal tool that you use.

Best baseboard removal tool to use

Before removing old baseboards, You need to first slice into the bead of caulk along the top of each of the old baseboard moldings to score the caulk and separate the caulk from the wall. then use a stiff/rigid and wide 5 in 1 tool to act as your baseboard removal tool to gently pry the baseboard from the wall.

Now you can remove baseboards and trim

Once the baseboard caulking has been removed, then you can start the trim and baseboard removal, and the only thing holding the baseboards in place at this point is the brad nails. If you use the baseboard removal tool to pry the baseboard trim straight out from the wall, it should come straight out pretty smooth.

We always remove baseboard trim

On every single flooring job we do, we always remove the old baseboard molding, which is usually some thin, tiny joke of a bare bones cheap builder’s grade baseboard installation originally installed by the builder. We use a demolition bar and a 5 in 1 tool as our baseboard removal tools

We then always install new baseboards of much better quality, usually. Our new baseboard installations are 5″,tall and 1/2″ thick to cover 1/4″ perimeter gaps on the wood flooring.

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How to remove baseboard moulding without special baseboard puller tools

Finish Carpentry, Paint Life TV, and Sandra Powell all have good baseboard removal tutorial videos as well. Now you know how to remove baseboard, and with your new expertise all about removing baseboards without damage to the walls.

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  1. I removed some baseboard in my bathroom today , I think I'm going to buy a tool that homedepot sells thats makes it much easier and prevents damage to the wall .

  2. Can I do this to see where the studs are in the wall? I am trying to install a sliding barn door and can’t find them with stud finder or by 16 or 12.

  3. What methods or different anchor ideas did you use for removing baseboards from your walls? Let us know below in the comments, and also post your questions you have on your DIY project.

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