DIY Mold Remediation Explained

Mold remediation completed by complete amateur at hom. Process is doable for novice to intermediate skill level. Don’t waste your money on a remediation company.

21 thoughts on “DIY Mold Remediation Explained

  1. You forgot to cut three feet away from mold and remove all porous material. If you wanted to do a cheap DIY you could’ve used the proper chemicals!! Bleach doesn’t kill mold, it bleaches the surface and feeds the hyphae causing it to come back with a vengeance, esp with the molds that don’t require more than moister over 60% relative humidity.

    You would’ve been better off with RMR solutions followed up but encapsulating with Fiberlock aftershock or coat with Tim bor borate product or boracare that will not only prevent mold from growing, it would prevent rot, termites, carpenter ants and powder post beetle.

  2. As somebody who does mold remediation work I strongly advise anybody watching this to just stop. None of this was done to the industry standard of care

  3. my method,,,shop vac with clean insides clean tubes,10 oz bottle coke shaped glass w skinny neck,lysol containing antifungal to kill trychophyton mentagrophytes,(( it kills mold too),a windex spray stem,fill the bottle 1/4 warm water,hold the lysol spray button down until your finger craps out,connect the flex tube to the exhaust,a concentrator head goes on the other end so it blows mightily
    aim the nozzle across the stem top sitting in the bottle,,it ought to create a spray fine mist,,hose each room, till it fogs,close the door,each room gets the fog/mist,up & down.also, a couple ultraviolet lamps can help,plus a dehumidifier to draw in moisture, All water entry plumbing leaks have to be fixed.,, close all doors leave the house for a few hours. set up fans to blow fresh air through the house,keep running the UV lights. might take a couple treatments thus to get best results.

  4. That is bull shit. Immediately when u see water damage in your home. Contact your insurance. I work as for a mitigation team. If u dont contact your insurance immediatly it might allow for your insurance to call "negligence" on the home owners part. And they will not cover anything. Also this man has not been properly trained, always check multiple sources. To clarify whatever issue you may be having. Everything is different.
    God bless. Take care and be aware. 🙂

  5. wrong nate bleach is mostly water to begin with ill bet you have just as much a problem with mold today as water is what feeds mold

  6. WARNING!!! So many crucial steps were skipped in this explanation! No negative air. No HEPA vacuuming. AND NEVER USE BLEACH!!! Bleach requires 20 minutes of direct contact to kill mold. The amount of liquid required would cause water damage to the structural materials and you would still have dead spores and hyphae materials that can cause irritation. I would bet my next paycheck that an IEP would fail this basement after post remediation verification.

  7. AIHA standards needed! Not Joe next-door-tells-you-how-to!!!  WOULD YOU WALK INTO A RADIATION FALL OUT ZONE AND NOT WORRY AS WELL?  Mycotoxins are real and you can not get rid of them if they are not removed from all non-porous surfaces.       Do you perform surgeries as well? Because my son had one due to mold illness. It's NOT that simple if you know anything about mycotoxins and their effect on humans. Many of your steps are correct except you need to 1) protect yourself – respirator, heavy gloves, clothing you're going to throw away 2) remove ANY non-porous material that had mold on it and go 1 foot beyond what was visible 3) have an allegerist check your IgG and your IgE. Simple blood test will tell you if you are reacting. Then find a doctor who knows how to treat it. Dr Hamilton Dixon in Northern Georgia does.

  8. I thought Clorax will not help with removing mold on wood. Bleach cannot penetrate into porous materials and so it does not come into contact with mold growing beneath the surface of materials such as wood and drywall.
    Did i find wrong info?

  9. The remediation portion was not too bad. Maybe $1000. But, the expensive part was upgrades that happened afterwards. Of you just re sheetrock and paint, it is not bad. But replacing cabinets is costly.

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