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DIY Resin Kitchen Countertop | Custom Stone Epoxy

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Watch the process of how we turn these custom built wood countertops into pieces of art by coating them with our resin and epoxy to make them look like real stone! It turns out amazing!

0:00 Project Intro
0:29 Project Overview
2:15 Primer
2:51 Leggari Tip
7:10 Taping Edges
9:24 Mixing Epoxy
19:41 Pouring Epoxy
28:41 Edges/ Pulling Tape
31:50 Top Coat
35:07 Final Look

After years of developing new and exciting techniques, we’ve developed a new thicker Countertop Kit using a “Dirty Pour” technique originally founded in the art industry. These are our new Leggari Stone Kits, these new kits are twice as thick as our standard kits and have stone-like movement only typically found in nature itself. Both styles are beautiful and offer differing looks, but one thing is for sure, every one of our Countertop kits is a show stopper.

Our Social Media is filled with projects done by customers around the world and we also give sneak peeks of projects we’re working on, stay up to date and follow us!


About Us:
Leggari is a coating based channel (metallic epoxy & concrete overlay) that will show you how you can use our products as amazing DIY projects to transform your existing surfaces! You can renovate things like kitchens, bathrooms, basements, patios & more! With Leggari you can renovate in no time, imitating real stone or creating a designer concrete look!
You can watch hundreds of videos that show you the step by step process of resurfacing your existing surfaces!
Over the years Leggari Products has built a customer base and following that not only appreciates quality – but demands it – and we’ve delivered time and time again. Like most businesses, we started out of a garage as we began to build what Leggari is today.

We believe in hard work and perseverance, and in building this company we built it on integrity, not only in its employees but in its products. When you buy from Leggari, you’re buying the best from the best.

– Tim Krumland and Tylor Svangren, Leggari Founders

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  1. When you mix primer what is liquid you pour after emptying both jugs? Also does the primer come in different colors

  2. Respected sir….I am learning a lot from you..acctuly I am retired airline officer.worked 36 year as data communications snr office in Pakistan airline and belong a samith family.i watch to much move.hope now I will apply all in daughter home oklahoma city where living with my daughter 2 grand son..I have reinstall steel kitchen now hope next step counter top..thanks sir best regards…

  3. Nice to see how you deal with blowouts. Clamps were a great idea. You have a video on doing epoxy on countertop with a 3 in backsplash that is already installed?

  4. As always beautiful and it's convenient to drop off your counter tops and have the process done by the pros💯

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