Does Bleach kill mold?

Does bleach kill mold?
Hi Tony Verner the mold dr. here and that’s a good one.
The answer is absolutely NOT.
There have been scientific studies done on bleachs ability to kill mold spores and it does not.
There was one type of fungus the study identified that was killed by bleach and that was athletes foot!
If you’re talking to us, i don’t think thats your problem.
there are however products designed specificlly for mold remediation professionals and some over the counter products, but you’ve got to be careful with those.
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4 thoughts on “Does Bleach kill mold?

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  2. lies, lies more lies, if you watching this yes bleach does kill mould, spray or wipe with a cleaning product for mould or one that states it contains bleach or make up you own mix of water and bleach some people do 50/50 or 1 measure bleach to 2 water or 3 water. Just make sure its strong enough or you might just be wasting you time, wear rubber gloves, old clothes (trust me) and ideally a mask to save breathing it in try and ventilate if possible (this is more if your doing a number or walls/rooms if its a quick wipe of a small spot don't worry too much). I always then dehumidify the room if indoors. This is all you really need to sort mould cheaply on your own also remove if possible mouldy objects from the home, or wipe again with same mixture if bleach is not possible and will damage items like clothes try vinegar, I do a 1 part vinegar to 2-3 part water, you then rinse and wash with other cleaners, so they don't smell of vinegar, also wash ideally in very hot water and ideally dry out in direct sun light.

  3. Shows the Science! Bleach does kill mold. Where are your test results? Show them. I had many mold re-mediators tell me that you can not kill mold with bleach since bleach has water in it and water feeds mold. I had mold in many different areas of my house, I used a bleach based mold killing product, the mold has been gone for 1.5 years, the product worked. I was told, bleach will white mold out, and mold will continue to grow after it feeds on the water in the bleach. After telling one of the mold re-mediators what I did, he told me that it is just coincidental for the product to work and usually mold will not be killed, but he didn't know what to say after I told him that the mold didn't come back in the 5 other rooms as well.

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