Epoxy Injection Foundation Crack Repair – How to waterproof a leaky basement

Step by step instructions and product information for the process of repairing and waterproofing a cracked concrete foundation.
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12 thoughts on “Epoxy Injection Foundation Crack Repair – How to waterproof a leaky basement

    We had our basement water-proofed, but needed to address the humidity problem and quality of air issue. Tired of using the old technology of running a dehumidifier (which costs a lot to operate and never gets rid of the toxic basement air), we decided to buy a product called theĀ BreezeĀ for our basement. It has a gentle exhaust fan (115 cfm) that is rated for continuous operation, controlled by a humidistat. Instead of replacing the exhausted air with outdoor air, it draws on the "conditioned" air from the home's first floor, avoiding the humidity problems and allergens that outdoor air present, especially on a rainy or humid day. The air quality in the basement has improved dramatically and we've been able to unplug the energy drawing dehumidifier. No filters or drains are needed. The company sells one and two-fan models that cost from $299 to $449 and carry a 5-year warranty. I strongly recommend the appliance. It's available on the company website (breezesystemsinternational.com) or on Amazon and Ebay. Much cheaper than the $1,500 to $1,800 units sold by Wave Ventilation, Humidex or EZ Breathe. Now our dry basement also has healthy air!

  2. I did the same thing with bondo and plastic straws cut to 1" lengths and held in place with toothpicks in the crack while the bondo hardens around the straws. The straws are 6" apart. Use cement crack filler tube from Lowe's in an ordinary caulk gun, inserted into each straw, Go from bottom to top of crack. Finish with 6 coats UGL waterproof paint. Been leak tight for 11 years now

  3. My father's house has the same type of foundation but I didn't see any cracks like the one in this vid. He says every time there's a heavy rain, his basement gets flooded near one of the windows. He's tried spraying something to try to seal where he think the issue is but I don't think it's helping.

  4. First of all, its called a footing, not a footer, there is no such thing as a footer.
    You should install a filter sock over the pipe , not that cheap cloth. You supposed to use washed gravel, not bluestone. You need to install a drainage board over your foundation membrane.

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