Fiberlock Shockwave – EPA Registered Disinfectant & Mold Killer

Fiberlock Shockwave is an EPA Registered Disinfectant, Sanitizer and Cleaner. With it’s Quaternary Ammonium formulation, it’s a highly effective mold remediation chemical, but has over 140 EPA Registered Kill Claims, and is useful in many scenarios.

Shockwave is sold in 2 forms – Concentrated or Ready to Use (RTU). Make sure you understand which one you purchased, and how to use that particular version.

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Ready to Use:

8 thoughts on “Fiberlock Shockwave – EPA Registered Disinfectant & Mold Killer

  1. @Janet Connelly – You would mix the concentrate with water per the instructions on the label. Generally this is 2 to 4 oz per gallon of water. 4oz/gal is the max concentration I believe the label recommends. Generally a pesticide type pump sprayer is the easiest way to apply. You can also use a handheld spray bottle. If you have or suspect there is a mold issue, we of course always recommend seeking out the advice of a professional hygienist. If you are remediating mold, it's reccomended to use the 3 step Clean, Kill, Coat approach. Fiberlock makes products for each step. They're all listed on our website.

    — CLEAN — Peroxide based cleaner to lift mold from substrate (Advanced Peroxide Cleaner SKU: 8314)

    — KILL — (Shockwave Avail in concentrate (SKUs: 8310 & 8311) or ready to use formulas (Sku: 8316)

    — COAT — Acrylic Paint w/ Fungicidal Coating (Aftershock SKU: 8390) Avail in 1 or 5 gallons. – This is an EPA Registered coating that will prevent mold growth on the cured film of the painted surface.

    Please note – These are general guidelines, and not intended to be substituted for professional advice.There are other steps when remediating mold (ie: fixing the water issue, containing the area you're working in, wearing proper PPE, etc.)

  2. My basement flooded. Water is now gone. Would I mix the concentrate and then spray the ceiling, walls and floor? What should I be concerned with?

  3. @mpg000jwu It is recommended that this product not be fogged. Feel free to reach out to us for suggestions on what might work for that application.

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