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Finding A Sewer Odor In Your Bathroom

Don’t miss these great tips on finding a sewer odor in your bathroom! Checking P traps and all, we are going to break down this job.
This customer had a (literal) toxic smell in their home. Using our UV smoke, methane gas detector and other gas detection equipment we were able to find the cause!
Check out the steps we follow during this detection.

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  1. Pretty sure this is where my smell is coming from too.

    Probably the exact same issue too. House built in 1984. Probably need to flush my lines. And I'm almost positive I need to install a new wax seal. My toilet actually shifts side to side too. So I will probably have to install new bolts.

    Thank you for your video.

  2. I’m guessing you have to have those roots cleared out every year? Also, my smell is only in one bathroom, I’m not sure if it’s behind the toilet or coming from the bathroom vent. I smelled it on the roof coming out of the pipe stack and the vent is right next to it, for some reason I don’t get it in the other bathroom though

  3. I have a question. We had some guy put in a sub pump in the basement. This is when the smell started. When taking showers this weird odor comes. Of course all water from sink, shower, and washer line goes into the sub pump. We used to have septic switched over to city. The bank made the sewer hook up. How can we fix it?

  4. I bought a house that is not quite 4 years old and both of my bathrooms smelly musty and sometimes like sewer. I have little tiny larvae that keep showing up in one of my tubs and I did the hot water and vinegar but no change. I can't get the drain plug to come out to look down the drain. I just hope its nothing serious. In my master bath, when I flush the toilet, you can hear the pipes rattle under the floor about 3 feet from the toilet.

  5. Good video I liked you smoke machine , the brass squared plugged cap on the clean out outside( in the bushes ) can be removed without cutting the pipe 3 ways to remove it 1- heat the cap with a blow torch to cause it to loosen up and get s big pipe wrench on it .2- leave done wd40 or any good penetrating liquid to sit for a while the remove cap 3- use a power cutting tool to cut that soft brass cap several cuts may be necessary to remove it . You should of least tried 1 of these methods if you are experienced and professional . You held a electrical disc cutter in your hand ready to cut that pipe ???


  7. I have an upstairs bathroom, hardly ever used. In the winter it smells so bad. I have tried everything but can not pinpoint the source of the odor. It’s so bad no I pour bleach and plumbing drano almost weekly to mask the smell. Help!

  8. Had a strong sewer odor filling the house and was bracing for an expensive plumbing repair. It was my first winter in this home, moved in during late spring. I finally made the connection that the smell was strongest when the heat pump kicked on. I checked on the air system in the attic and found the AC condensate drain was connected to a vent stack. The condensate drain has a p trap and would normally have water in it as the AC ran. Since it was winter, no condensate from the AC running and the p trap eventually dried out. The air handler was actually vacuuming air from the condensate drain and vent stack, heating it up and distributing it through the house. Poured a cup of bleach water into the condensate line and the smell was gone. Now I know, so I check it every few weeks during fall/winter to make sure the trap isn't dry. Not sure if builders or HVAC installers are supposed to configure it that way, but who cares.

  9. What I would find helpful is if you were able to recommend providers in each area of the US. I am in Chicago. I would pay for a referral source from Twin Home Experts.

  10. Why would sewer smell leak out of overflow valve on tub when turning on my bathroom exhaust fan if I put my hand by it when I turn on the fan you can feel a slight breeze and smell the sewer gas also I am on a slab foundation

  11. Thank u for the amazing video tell me if i change the seat my toilet with a new do you think the smell will go away my seat can flush but sometimes it doesn’t flesh fully

  12. hello sorry for mu english…. thank you for the video, yes we are in 2020 🙂 and these kind of problems are still topical … I would like to know please if the odors from the pipes can cross the septic tank and soak the tiles ?? !! , because for my case, I have no leaks in the siphons of the kitchen nor the bathroom or toilet and the piping is in pvc is new, I have replaced everything and yet I notice a smell of sewer in the corridor of my apartment on the ground floor, the apartment is well ventilated and the climate is dry here where I live, … a tip please, this smell annoys me because I can not find its origin .. thank you…and peace from Morocco 🙂

  13. So…
    You didn't pull the toilet BEFORE asking the customer to pay for a smoke test? I guess you do not respect your clients and their money. Any TRUE and HONEST service tech would have done that after checking the p-traps.

  14. Very useful, I'm going to use my Halloween smoke machine and rig it up. Thank you sir

  15. A guy came and changed my wax seal but im still smelling sewage. I guess im gonna have to get a prof to do a smoke test huh

  16. would you happen to know of anyone in the Pittsburgh area that provides a service similar to yours? I'm having fits trying to find this sewage smell. All traps are full of water, I replaced all of my studor vents. Now my son's bedroom smells like sewage. Its annoying, and don't know where to turn. One plumber wouldn't even come to my house b/c he said I tried everything that he would try.

  17. Sewer gas odors and sewer pest infestation most commonly occur when the water evaporates out of an unused or seldom used sink p-trap or floor drain and allows noxious and corrosive sewer gas to infiltrate your home or business. You can avoid this issue by manually
    fill up traps with water every week. Or, you can say goodbye to dry plumbing traps and sewer gas infiltration for 3-6+ months by using a certified organic and natural botanical solution: patent pending SEWER GAS SOLUTIONS ™. Find out more at

    Pressurized smoke testing is hands down the best way to locate sewer gas issues, when it is originates from a source other than a dry trap. Nice video.

  18. I would love an extra opinion. We get sewer smell IN the house during heavy rains. Normal days, nothing. Had septic pumped, it needed it. We also found water running back into the septic tank from the field lines. Our ground has stayed saturated from the rain. The field line needs addressed BUT is that the reason the smell gets in the house on the rainy days?!!! I am so confused.

  19. I’m a student and my bathroom smells really bad . I clean it and all I’m not a messy person . Especially after I take a shower and close the door . There is water in all p traps … when I use the toilet it smells even worse and I’ve called maintenance and they don’t know what it is ☹️.

  20. Hi, I have a similar problem in my shop bathroom, it’s connected from my house septic line, the shop bathroom stinks so much, it’s been out of service because there’s no water back there and I don’t know why it stinks so bad! The gasses are so strong I don’t know why. Can you help……

  21. Great video… live in a different state… how would I know appropriate costs of having smoke test done? Locally they run $1k… 😳.

  22. what if the smell only occurs randomly and on some days there is no odor vs everyday? Why is that? And it seems like the odor is coming from the wall or the floor on one side of the toilet. The odor doesn't come from the toilet at all. I have a strong sense of smell. I smelt every inch of the toilet.

  23. You guys are in Los Angeles? Homies! I taught for a couple of years at the RFK Ambassador schools on Wilshire. The staff bathrooms often stank. It wasn't hard to figure it out. The floor drains traps would evaporate out. Most teachers were neat so the floors didn't need much mopping… I just started filling up my coffee mug and poured it to fill up the trap. I told the people who should know…. but who knows? The maintenance guys were doing the work of janitors (during budget cuts, they lay off janitors and maintenance, when the money comes back they higher more management….) so it probably stinks all over.

    I'm sure you've run into Orangeburg pipe, the waxed cardboard sewer lines that were 'code' during WWII because of the need for iron to build tanks and ships. In the mid 90s, I replaced one on an upscale house in Silverlake built in 1963. It was flat (though it was only about 16-18" deep on a steep hillside). This might make a surreal video. Sonotube cardboard sewer lines??? People probably won't believe it.

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