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First Bathroom Remodel: The Install ( Tub, Toilet, Tiles, & Double Vanity )

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Sorry it took me so long to get this video out to you. It was 12 hours of film and I had to grab the most important stuff.

Now back to where we left off, subfloor was glued down and screwed. Next, I had to make sure there wasn’t any low spots on this floor, before installing the tub. The tub was installed with liquid nail and stainless steel screws. The drain was very easy to attach from the basement, but it could’ve been put on before installing the tub. The install of the plumbing was so frustrating, I decided not to film. Then came the drywall, which was easily installed. I use mold resistant, and paintable waterproofing.

Next, came the cement board, and the tile. The cement board was easy to cut with a masonry blade. I installed the board with thin set, cement board screws, and staggered them. When mixing thinset, start with water then add the thinset in small amounts until you get the right consistency.

Tiling was the the most complicated of the whole project. The tiles were large 8×24 in and heavy. Tiling the floor and shower was a lot of cutting. I use a 1/2 trowel on the floor and a 1/4 x 3/8 on the walls. Make sure to measure twice, and cut once. Grout is like mixing thinset but mix in smaller amounts, and make sure you remove the extra grout off the tile right away.
I had a big problem in the shower! The grout wouldn’t come off the tile, because the grout was mixed wrong. I had to scrub it off with scrubbing pads.
After hours of scrubbing, using vinegar, and water, all was good.

The toilet and vanity was up next. The toilet was easy to assemble. Just make sure you don’t have any leaks, and the install is complete. The vanity plumbing was very rust and brittle. I replaced the fitting with 1/4 turn valves and added double supply fitting to make it fit the double vanity. The drain I used was perfect for this install. After putting the vanity in place, I add lighting, a new light switch, a GFCI outlet, mirrors, towel rack, and other decorative pieces. I was done!
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Demolition Video here:

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