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Flex Ed 101: How to Use Flex Paste

Check out this in-depth How-To video on all there is to know about Flex Paste™!

Got your #FlexPaste and you’re ready to get to Pastin’, but you still have questions?

No Problem! Watch this and follow along with Phil Swift for everything you need to know. From getting started, cleaning up, helpful hints and How-To’s that make paste perFlextion easy. Following directions carefully is KEY and this video will act as your comprehensive guide to get the most out of your Flex Paste.

Want more Flex Paste education and information? Visit our blog!

There you will find step-by-step guides and instructions to help you get the job done right!

Stay tuned for more Flex Seal How-To’s coming your way!

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  1. I loved your commericals and I HATE commercials. I spent alot of money on flex seal and used it once. I just got it back out about one month later and it's hard as a rock. I put it away like directions said. I'm a little pissed off. Is there a way I can soften it again so I didn't waste $50

  2. I accidentally got some on a new pair of shorts, tossed them in the washer to clean them and the paste is still on- similar to sitting on wet part, not "oh I took it straight from the container and smeared a glob on the shorts"

    how do you get flex paste out of clothing?

  3. the reason why you can't use water to clean uncured flex paste is because…….ITS A STRONGEST WATER PROOF PASTE👍

  4. Por qué una vez abierto el envase el producto se seca muy rápido ,siendo que he seguido las indicaciones para cerrarlo, ya he perdido 2 flex paste y dinero también .

  5. Now with this Released Hopefully people who review Flex Paste follow this Guide since I've seen Multiple Reviews about it But most of them barely Place back the foil and don't remove the dry paste

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