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Foundation Cracks and Signs of Structural Failure | Ask the Expert | Leader Basement Systems | 1-978-248-0137

Meet Craig Leader, owner of Leader Basement Systems. Craig Leader has been helping residential and commercial customers across Central and Western MA with issues in their basements and crawl spaces for over 12 years.

His company, Leader Basement Systems provides a full range of foundation repair and waterproofing services in greater Worcester and Springfield, Massachusetts areas as well as the Northwestern part of Windham County in Connecticut. Services include basement waterproofing, sump pump installation, interior foundation drainage systems, crawl space repair, crawl space encapsulation, dehumidification, and solutions for foundation settlement, foundation cracks, bowing basement walls and sinking concrete slabs.

In this episode of Ask the Expert, Craig answers the question from a Putnam, CT customer, worried about foundation cracks and the structural integrity of his basement.

Craig explains that in poured foundations, small hairline cracks are often concrete shrinkage cracks, and don’t pose any structural concerns.
Bigger cracks however, especially V-shaped cracks and uneven cracks might indicate foundation shifting or settlement. These should be monitored closely, and if there is any indication that they are getting bigger or changing in any way, help should be sought after right away.
Block basement walls may be structurally compromised when they begin to show stair-step cracks or bow inwards.
Signs of foundation problems will eventually show upstairs in the form of uneven floors, cracks in the drywall, windows and doors that stick, cracks in brick veneers, etc.

Foundation problems always get worse overtime, and the longer you wait to fix them the more complicated and expensive the repair could be.
Many contractors will suggest replacing the foundation at the first sign of foundation problems. But is that a good solution?

“Ignoring it is a bad idea as well as replacing it can be a bad idea. The problem isn’t with the foundation. It is normally with the soil conditions around the house and under the house” — explains Craig.

By rebuilding the foundation in the same soil you run the risk of seeing all these problems come back. Leader Basement Systems has solutions that will address the cause of the problem. Solutions include foundation piers driven deep into the ground, past the layer of problem soil and up to a load bearing strata, and then used to support and (in many cases) lift the foundation back into its original position.

Wall anchors, braces and carbon reinforced strips can be used to stabilize bowing and leaning foundation walls. All of these solutions are much more affordable and permanent than foundation replacement.

To learn more about how Leader Basement Systems can help put your home back on solid ground, visit our website or call for a free inspection and quote.

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  1. Would you advise a concrete slab or a raised house in a cold climate and which is mroe expensive to repair?

  2. Man talks about devastating house structure problems while happy jazz music plays in the background kind of like when there's a bar fight and the bar owner tells the band to play something happy

  3. My foundation is partially buried and partially exposed. Given the nature of concrete, does the visible crack indicate that the crack would, by necessity of the rigidity of concrete mean that the crack goes all the way to the bottom? Or can a foundation crack only part way?

  4. my house is in a marshy location and I see cracks on the basement walls , so how much would it cost? It has a slab foundation and I don't even think you can dig under the house without water filling up wherever you dig, because I noticed it when crayfish were making their chimneys next to the outside wall, I wonder how much it will cost to make the foundation secure, you have any ballpark figures? its just a split foyer house

  5. So how much does a repair like this cost my house is completely made out of masonry bricks and concrete and theres som serious crack I believe that the problem is the foundation or actually the soil because it tends to flood a lot

  6. So how much to due about a 400 crawl space that all the walls are all cracked and that house is upstate ny

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