foundation repairs with stucco and or cement plaster

Our recommended tools,

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43 thoughts on “foundation repairs with stucco and or cement plaster

  1. Kirk, thank you a million times! My house is much like that one with the same problems. I patched the cracks with stucco patch working late in the day and on about a third of them, the crack was back in a month. I worried it meant my foundation was shot and increased my insurance for the coming collapse.
    Your tips on timing and product helped me so much. Thank you, thank you, thank you!
    (I bought product from the link, but your advice is worth far more to me than the couple bucks you might get. Thank you, thank you, thank you. Now I just have to get up early. I can prep the day before, right? ;-() )

  2. Hi Kirk. Is weld Crete ok to use as a waterproofing solution? We poured new concrete today I wanted to waterproof that new concrete and then lay pavers. Please advise

  3. How would you recomend filling a holiday on recently applied finish coat? (Float finish). Its towards the bottom were the stucco meets the top of the stone veener

  4. Found your video, as I have the same problem on my old 1930 Spanish house in one small area and wanted to do the best I could to fix it properly. Thanks so much for sharing your knowledge.

  5. I like it you do what they tell you to do customer is always right been there done that
    How was your knees can’t believe that you can still work on them
    What part of California do you live in ?

  6. Howdy Kirk , really dig your videos.The spider was just watching and learning.
    I’ve been in the plastering trade since 1978. Still doing it still loving it.

  7. Hi Kirk, I’ve been watching your videos and tried my first crack at putting stucco on cinder block and it didn’t stick well (and really pissed me off). My question is can I try to add another layer of stucco over my first layer tomorrow?

  8. Cali!!! Where rain is a national emergency. 😉

    Great video. I have to do this to my parents house and now I know what to do when is rains in San Diego.

  9. Hello Mr. Giordano,
    I have watched every of your videos. Some twice.
    Thank you for your expert lessons. you really are the best!
    One question:
    I’m going to parge my 100+ year old home.
    It’s in remarkably great shape, but I’d like to see a nice clean new finish on the foundation.
    I’m proned to choose a Portland/Sand instead of Rapid set to give myself a bit more than 15 minutes to work it.
    Is there a difference in the end result of natural color (Portland vs. Rapid set)?
    I’d be looking for a more brown result than light gray to go with the medium tan vinyl siding/black shutters on my home and it seems that Rapid set is a light gray.
    Thank you again for always taking the time for the DIY’ers.
    Btw…I’m a 61 year old woman who is a perfectionist and not afraid of hard work. (Lifting the cement bags)

  10. Howdy good man. What's you're opinion of Dap Stucco Patch for a missing 5" strip of stucco on a corner? I realize it's not professional.

  11. Hello kirk im doing a similar project but side walk around the house. Hiw do i achieve a 1/2 inch gap between the sidewalk and stucco?

  12. Kirk….thank you so much. I’ve been looking for this kind of video for about two months. I’m in the process of needing to do this too my house and needed some tips. You are a life saver…..Thank You!

  13. Hello Kirk!
    Ive been watching your channel for a couple years- even though I do finish carpentry I really like learning new stuff and enjoy your craftsmanship and style of teaching. I would like to ask for some advice from the “Master of Plaster”, if you would be so kind as to give it?

    I’m rehabbing my own 1940’s home in San Jose. It had a pretty bad flat-roof addition done to it in the 70’s that always leaked. I tore down the walls and flat roof, and re-framed to full height with a gable roof to match the original architecture. I kept the addition’s slab foundation as-is.

    The concrete guys back in the day didn’t square up the outside corner correctly. When I put up my new full height walls, and squared them, they have to hang off that outside corner about 1”. That 1” tapers back to 0” (flush with foundation) over 15’

    I’m wondering how I make the weep screed work here, so that it has solid backing like it’s supposed to? It’ll be kinda hanging there at that corner. And don’t want to leave the bottom of the mud sill exposed from below, that 1” to 0” over that 15’. From watching your videos I have an idea of what “might” work, (pressure wash foundation, apply weld-crete, skim coat the foundation stem-wall with stucco, 1” thick to 0”, making it flush with sheathing) but figured I’d just go ahead and ask the “boss” what he’d do? Or any tips?

    The first 2 pictures here might help explain better than I can type it:

    Much thanks!
    Mike in San Jose

  14. Forget about the spider. Spiders in general are afraid of everything, and mean no harm.
    And thank you for the video.

  15. Less comitary about flower pots and spiders and more showing your work and specifically showing the products your using please.

  16. That grade level, I perform termite inspections and I believe that the soil level is to high, causes moisture issues!
    – love the work Kirk looks beautiful!

  17. Hey Kirk I’m from New Zealand. I love your work. I’m from Christchurch area and we suffer the dreaded earthquake! I have a block house with stucco finish. The stucco has cracked along the mortar joins of the block work. What’s the best long term fix for the stucco? I feel like I need to do an epoxy injection to fix the mortar (to avoid re cracking) then re stucco the wall?

  18. Looks like an ugly spider I'd be worried about him and the planter box too! What do you like to repair nail holes in stucco? Looking to repair where our fence meet our stucco. Thx

  19. Kirk, you’re so awesome! I’ve learned so much from you. Your demonstrations and explanations of your work have helped me save $475. I had a couple pillars with holes, chips and cracks, and the videos of your work have given me a lot of confidence. Thank so much!

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