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Framing A Dropped Ceiling on 'The Ridge'! (@MattBangsWood)

One of the pickup items we had to complete was the dropped lid in the pantry..

We’re closing in on this build, getting near the finish line. Have you watched the progress?

A 7,000SF footprint tucked in the hills of California goes from slab to beautifully framed. Watch and follow along as we turn this pile of concrete into a masterpiece! Hand cut roof, redwood decks and insane details, you won’t want to miss it.


Plate to Plate Stabila (Not Sponsored):

Fox’s Nailgun:

Hilti DX36M Equiv. (Better Found Used):

Favorite Router:

Router Bit:


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  1. HI matt, originally the UK (North east England, not far from Brian Johnson from AC/DC fame ) now East Coast Canada, just started a new reno project watching you guys work inspires me 🙂

  2. Watching from Savannah, Ga. I enjoy learning about residential framing from watching this channel. Looking to start my own company after I retire from the Army.

  3. Watching from Bayside Queens….new york!
    Love your videos…..keep banging brother!

    Where is the access to this hvac space?

  4. I love these videos. Your channel is awesome. I’ve been recording some too on mine. It’s fun! Thanks a lot for sharing!

  5. From burleson tx. I'm not even a framer. Auto mechanic here but dabble in my own building projects. Enjoy your videos.

  6. Just curious…..why 2 channels when Both about being a carpenter type stuff? Seems you would miss views….I have been on other channel awhile and today is first time I've seen this channel

  7. This has been a great build to watch from the beginning. We watch from near Kansas City, Missouri! Just wondering… when you bid a job & then lumber prices go up ridiculously, do you adjust your final bill or do you have to absorb that extra expense? I have no clue how construction works! Love watching you build, Matt.

  8. Been subscribed to your other channel for like 3 years and only until now I find out you have a second channel 😑

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