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FRAMING TIP – Super Sill Sealer

In todays video Matt talks about air-sealing in the framing stage at this LSL framed home and why its important to start so early

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  1. It would be very helpful if you put links to the manufacturer's websites in your description. For people like me who live in places like rural Newfoundland –where access to any type of new or innovative home building material is basically impossible, as no one stocks it– it would be great to be able to find an online vendor to order from.

  2. matt have you ever realy built anything like a addition .and i mean with tool belt on sweet blood on your hammer..not sitting in a ac on truck cab eating cookies and lata coffee.with your nice polo on and shinny shoes..bitching the guy are not working fast enuf…so have you and what trade for how long what part of the usa..tool used you perfer to use break it down for us matt tool belt set up boots close hammer

  3. My 1882 house 0 mold. 3 years ago I did open all the walls and spray foamed most of it and roxul insulation as well.
    House 1950 and on I see lots of problems and 2000s because of the plastic BS people were installing over insulation.
    Think like water and you should be good. Bugs I don’t know if you ever gonna stop that

  4. Its sold by Conservation Technology they have a website that gives you prices ect..
    According to them they mostly sell to contractors but do sell some products to DYIRS…
    1-800-477-7724 Is the number on site ..
    2×4 3 inch there code BG63 is 164 feet for 85 bucks plus shipping ..Who cares what it costs anyway if it gives you a great seal and you don't have to deal with leaking and water problems in the future … Spend now or spend later ..

  5. whats a good product to seal the crack where the wood is joined to the slab? I noticed a bee making its way into the crack.

  6. I purchased a roll of the foam sealer today from a local Ace Hardware. They didn't sell that neoprene gasket, so I didn't really get a choice. If manufacturers want people to use these products, they have to get them to market and not just to their spokespeople.

  7. Thanks to these kinds of videos I have confidence I can build my own place soon. Small, not tiny, but all by myself.

  8. Thanks for that I’m just thinking of starting home build to western wa specs here in the UK

  9. Sill seal by it self doesn't work. Walls don't put enough pressure on it to seal. Better to use an applied sealer after chaulking cracks.

  10. Awesome products. Anybody know where you get it? I know HD and Lowe's do not! And coincidentally I'm framing in my porch right now and really looking for best build products and practices. So any help with suppliers would be greatly appreciated.

  11. Hi Matt,
    First of all, love watching all your videos here in NJ! Thank you for educating us who have no background in this.
    We are building/remodeling our single family home and just realized that my contractor hasn’t used either the pink or the black sill sealer!!! We are framed completely and the second floor as well(colonial style)
    Is this a big deal/mistake? I hope we can live another 15 yrs atleast in this house. My kids still in elementary school.

  12. Hey Matt, what is the brand of that black gasket for the sill sealer? I am gonna give it a shot on my duplex.

  13. I see all these suckers who believe that a name stamped on the lumber in addition to the APA stamp can change quality. It's still dimensional lumber you just paid more for ink.

  14. Hey Matt Risinger I want to use this Prosoco sealer at a project in North Central Arkansas. Having trouble locating where to buy it from……the area distributors are not familiar with it and I cannot buy from Amazon or Prosoco. Any advice appreciated. Thanks for all you do to educate all us developers!

  15. Is there anything you can apply to an existing house where the siding is being replaced and the walls do not have a sill sealer?

  16. Just an observation, wouldn't it be better to only seal one side, otherwise moisture could get trapped between the two sides of the seal? A similar approach is used when fitting a shower enclosure too, otherwise trapped moisture will cause rot and mould.

  17. How about the pink latex spray on I see in one of your vids? Couldn't you just spray that on the bottom connection point outside and inside the bottom plate?

  18. Matt, just bought some gasket from Conservation Technology. 2 questions for you:

    1) What double sided tape or adhesive do you recommend to apply this to metal?
    2) Besides the joists and bottom plate, where else do you use this sill gasket in your build? Top wall plate?



  19. Great tips once again Matt. I'm learning so much as a young builder about building THE RIGHT WAY from you. Thanks man!

  20. Matt: Could you please do a follow up video on that LSL framing design? I think your using an I-beam style for load-bearing support beams. I suppose that is to reduce thermal leakage?

  21. Hi i really enjoy all the information you share with us , planning our new home build as we speak , thnx so much for your help with these vid's , and yes please provide maybe some links to products you show !

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