Get Rid of Spiders: How to Make Natural Spider Repellent

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Wondering how to get rid of spiders? If you have these unwelcome house guests, here’s how you can naturally repel spiders quickly and easily with a few household products. For more DIY spider control tips, visit


To make your own spider repellent, you will need an essential oil like lavender or peppermint, dish soap, water, and a spray bottle.
Mix five to six drops of an essential oil, a teaspoon of dish soap and half a quart of water.
Shake the mixture and spray where you’ve seen spiders.

This solution may stain, so test a small area before spraying everywhere.

44 thoughts on “Get Rid of Spiders: How to Make Natural Spider Repellent

  1. Omg I thought I was the only one with a sider home like a done everything i could to kill the spiders but they just come back..

  2. would this be toxic to snakes and lizards? I have an old reptile cage that got infested with black widows and other spiders that I would like to use again but WITHOUT the spiders! I just don't want it to be toxic to my reptiles.

  3. Or alternatively mix 1 gallon of petrol and diesel all around the spider infested area the light a match. That will definitely get rid of the spiders šŸ˜‚

  4. I just came home to an orange sized spider and I have crippling aracnaphobia all of the stuff needed to stop it are in the kitchen and I saw it near my living room door and I lost it I don't know where it is is it on the wall is it on the ceiling is it in my room cus I don't remember if my room door is open someone help me or I'm jumping out my living room window

    Edit: I'm still standing on my sofa I've been here for around 30 mins and it's probably In this room

  5. i had a few spiders in my place.i got a spider spray that worked for a bit.but you have to keep spraying every few weeks.i have climbing ivy on back of house.that could be causing it im thinking of getting rid of it.and also have few trees in back.

  6. Will this kill the spiders or just tell them that they were a mistake and their mom never actually liked them, leaving them to lead a life of suffering?

  7. does anyone know how to get the little shites out of car wing mirrors? I have one in each, every day there's a huge Web that takes over half my car, looks so trampy! try to remove it quickly but spend the next 10 mins tryin to get the Damn webs off my hands! šŸ˜¤šŸ˜•

  8. I had a horrible experience with a spider many months ago… And I've had trouble sleeping ever since then…I can still feel him crawling on me even though I'm sure he's not there…

  9. Sorry, but I have tried that repeatedly and failed all the times. Not to say that actually attracts spiders!!!

  10. I've been out in the woods for about 3 weeks now and have noticed that any moisture at all will atract these things. It doesnt matter , its a matter of survival out there . So that being said I am very skeptical about this

  11. Just saw a huge spider in my bathroom, almost finished bug spray in there and don't know where it is. It's 11:30 p.m, I'm packing a bag and going to spend the night by my parents house.

  12. Hate to break it to everyone, but this doesn't work after a hatching and your room is filled with baby spiders. I've tried this method, sometimes twice a day, and they still keep appearing. Had to submit and use Raid

  13. How do I get rid of the underlying cause? By that I mean the insect infestation that causes the spiders to be there in the first place.

  14. Is the lavender in there just so it doesn't smell of soap and water (I was born without a sense of smell so I'm guessing what this would smell like), or does the lavender have a purpose?

  15. uwu the amount of spiders that scare the shit out of me in my room during night, I am willing to try anything >…< and does anyone know how to prevent spiders getting into your room/house??

  16. I recently got a spider problem where i have to put on my glasses and turn on the lights when i use the bathroom. We never seen spiders in our house for over a year. Now i see em in the bathroom at night a good 2-4 decently sized spiders.
    Then i have to stay for the next hr trying to kill em. Fk spiders.

  17. Tidying my room. Never thought id come across such a fucking bastard it was a house spider or a funnel web spider and i bloody fucking hope it was a house spider i was just like panicking so i stabbed him with a plastic tube pf candy and he died yay but i wanna stop them

  18. Spiders are predators. They eat other insects in your house, NOT YOU. By killing all the spiders you favor the other insects, that you dont want to see at home. Spiders are your enemies enemies, so your friends. Once there are no more insects to eat, they will either die out, or leave. Unless that spider is really dangerous, do not kill them.

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