Green Mold – How Dangerous & Toxic Is It?

Green mold refers to a color of mold, not species. Watch the video to learn more about green mold.

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Scientifically, there’s no such thing as green mold.

Mold can be green in color, but it does not refer to just one particular species of mold.

Some reported species of mold that may appear as the color green are:

The only way to know for sure what particular species of mold you are dealing with would be to take a direct sample. This involves either a tape or swab sample and sending the sample to an accredited lab for analysis.

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5 thoughts on “Green Mold – How Dangerous & Toxic Is It?

  1. it was dark and i didnt se what i was eating. turns ut i ate the part where theres blue mold and green mold.

  2. Curious question about mold: green mold that if you run your hand across it. It's like you stirred up dust. What kind of mold could this be. And how do you get rid of it.

  3. A leak occurred within a Sam all area from the rooftop through a pipe. I realized because there was a green stains around the floor boards on top of my carpet and scattered on to of my carpet. It’s an apartment so maintenance came pulled the section of carpet sprayed the connecting floor board with bleach and didn’t do anything to the carpet but leave a large fan underneath it and covered the fan with the carpet. After 30mins. There was a horrible smell throughout so I had to turn the fan off due to health concerns. I have a very small place and the intake vent is in the very next room. Is this the correct way to treat this? If not how should it be handled? Please advise.

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