Grow Talk 1158: Clone Of A Clone, Systemic PM, Fungus Gnats, & Calculating VPD

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The Dude & Scotty Real Are Hanging Out And Waking And Baking And Answering Your Grow Talk Questions If It Is Ok To Take A Clone From A Clone And Not Really Keeping Mother Plants, If PM Is Systemic & How It Attacks Plants And What You Can Do To Treat It, A New System For Taking Care Of Fungus Gnats, How To Calculate VPD From Your Ambient Air Temperature & More On Todays Episode Of Grow Talk

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48 thoughts on “Grow Talk 1158: Clone Of A Clone, Systemic PM, Fungus Gnats, & Calculating VPD

  1. I don't believe that is powdery mildew, I think it's root hairs. When the root hairs realize they are outside the plant, they air prune themselves and turn into oxygen pores. This is just observational on my part, as I've seen this on my plants, often just above the node, or at the site of a wound

  2. I use a dynavap regularly, and I absolutely love them, great for flower and concentrates, great was to medicate with minimal amounts, I live where its not even medically legal in texas low thc plants only, so got to get by the best i can, and those vapes work great, especially with the induction heaters!!!!

  3. 🤣🤣🤷 love that dude starts off with a Dillon Francis reference ☺️ love the show man keep 'em coming, hopefully with comments still 😅😢 keep it irie DGC 💚🔥👌 *4 edits, think I'm high……

  4. If you want a good sprayer like the school janitor walked around with like a cannon on his waist the "HARRIS PRO SPRAYER" Been around since 1922 for a reason

  5. dynavap is changing the game with on-demand extraction for certain! I'm predicting dynavap will be a default if not the default for vaporizing in the coming years.

  6. An inch of Coco croutons (chunks) work as a great mulch on the top of the pots to keep the gnats at bay.
    It also works well for the bottom of a hempy pot instead of large pearlite

  7. Banana's are really amazing & should not be confused with Hermaphrodism.. They are 2 totally different process's..

    all offspring "seeds" created by a Banana anther are feminized, since that is even how Feminized seeds are created.. Simply they are pretty much like growing clones..

  8. I liked your vid. I have been trying to search for a YouTube vid like yours that really educates the stuff in this vid. 🩺 👏Your breakdown actually reminds me of the videos of Dr. Ethan! His demonstrations are for sure knowledgable and he helped me on my practice. He is the most knowledgable Dr in Nottingham and he teaches diabetes and conditions.

    Go watch his page out and give the Doctor a subscribe! 👉 #DrEthanTips

  9. Just say "guys"….its ok. Your cool dude, scotty, and guru… dont change. In this plastic world filled with fakes, reproductions, and copies, it is really nice to see true authenticity and original personalities speaking truth. Free speech anyone

  10. Dude/Scotty, it isn't just old cars where mice are attracted.
    Someone was telling me that mice ate the wiring in his couple year old car.
    The cause is the wiring is made of "sustainable" wire with soy based insulation…..oops! 🤦🏼‍♂️

  11. i use one of those hlg UVA boards and basically UVA=TERPS & RESIN.From day one of using it for 15 minutes only i thought i damaged the girls with U.V light but what was happening was that the shade leaves developed resin.They tacoed slightly then pushed out heaps of trichomes.So i reckon they are worth it.They are little terps factories

  12. I would skip the uva and go to b.
    Some agrobrite uvb tubes.
    Even if the claims of resin production are exaggerated it can't hurt for powdery mildew. Bugs supposedly don't like uv either.
    Results vary probably because of strain variances.
    Kush's and other strains from higher elevations would probably benefit from the uv more thank others.

  13. Hey Guru……….. I got a 'sunset sherbert' clone, from "Lux Leaf"!!!! 2222 colorado blvd here in colorado springz!! I got a clone in late November, they might be out but keep tryin!! I found them on weed maps. Goodluck!!

  14. As far as lasers for leaf surface temperature……its a bit much. Sure it wouldn't hurt and data is always helpful but the way my old man taught me was if the Bitches are praying 🙏 the environment is staying. Somtimes all the data and measurements can take your attention from the plants instead of knowing your grow and plants intimately and being able to read them and understandwhat they are telling you. Works for me.

  15. from my independant stoner research i found uvb gave the best stressors for more resin,then uva did by far,uvc ,if you wanna make little shop horrors with dna manipulation,and uvb thats best kills led to fast ,so migro the led dude,who makes led light,just made a uvb t8,but he didnt make a uvb led so i assume im right uvb is better,and led dont produce uvb,and uva is a gimmiake,i bought a cmh 10k bulb for high uvb last 7-14 days,and it works i ran with my normal rotation plants and pic even say it,so get cmh,or a t8 uvb bulb if you want proper uv for resin

  16. I was hoping for an explanation on VPD you spent more time talking about skin and advertising your sponsored products.Poor focus on the VPD topic!

  17. WHats up DGC! Guru, can you please follow LMC clips youtube channel and mention some of the headlines to the boys. I imagine they may jump on some of the current events and use them in the show.

  18. Marijuana Man / Greg Williams rest in peace and pot brother. We lost a truly amazing man today. A man that did so much for the cannabis community. A true hero to us all.

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