Heavy water heater basement removal

7 thoughts on “Heavy water heater basement removal

  1. I moved a cast-iron firebox out of my basement through a window that was 26 inches wide and 12 inches tall with the application of a 20 pound sledge hammer

  2. Guess I forgot to comment after my original viewing of that video but quite ingenious method of motoring that thing up the steps and out the door one thing I did see one time it was kind of unique. it was a winch with a chainsaw engine attached to it very nice guys are usually get in the bush to maneuver their 2000 pound moose around.

  3. Looked heavy… you're finding lots of interesting things in the basement… hopefully no bodies – lol

  4. Wow, that old water heater is a monster. Looks very old – be careful with the lagging (possibly asbestos?) Good idea using a come-along with the drill-powered winch!

  5. Here in parts of the UK we have hard water and our hot water storage cylinders can be almost completely filled with scale (Calcium). That fuel "pump" could be from an early petrol pump when they went over to electric ?

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