Hidden Mold Found in Crawl Space by Crawl Space Ninja of Wilmington NC

Crawl Space Ninja of Wilmington, North Carolina started a crawl space encapsulation job but ran into an issue with hidden mold. Listen to how they handled it and how they got the homeowner involved. Would your crawl space contractor keep you informed like this? https://crawlspaceninja.com/

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0:00 Introduction – 1st crawl space encapsulation w/ Andrew from Crawl Space Ninja of Wilmington
0:42 What the crawl space looked like before
2:54 Finding hidden crawl space mold and how it’s addressed
5:56 Crawl Space Ninja’s mold guarantee/warranty
6:36 Causes of the home’s crawl space problems
7:24 Our solution for drying crawl spaces before mold remediation
8:00 Solution for reinsulating the crawl space
8:47 Homeowner’s satisfaction of the job and after footage
11:22 How long the job took and what was installed

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8 thoughts on “Hidden Mold Found in Crawl Space by Crawl Space Ninja of Wilmington NC

  1. This installation does look clean. Luckily, Wilmington has a more "granular" surface soil as it is close the coast. This will help with foundation drainage problems. You mention OSHA safety training as the regulating authority for mold cleaning. This would be only the beginning. Consider having ICRC and NORMI continuing education courses scheduled for your install teams. Getting certified inside different modules can be a career long endeavor. It takes years of training and experience to become fully qualified to clean mold. At the moment, there is no state level licensing in the Carolinas. Also, having a 3rd party licensed mold hygienist perform 3rd party clearance inspections is an effective tool to utilize during production as well as when bidding against less qualified bidders. Many companies will self-clear which is completely inappropriate. You had mentioned structural degradation of the floor system? How was this addressed? Any/all rotten floor joists, flush girders, band sills, sub-flooring should be corrected after the crawl space has been cleared of mold. If no repairs where chosen, applying the dehumidifier will dry out those members and expose the damage like an open sore. Structural wood damage is more noticeable in a dry state as opposed to a swelled state. Do not set the dehumidifier too aggressively as it will super dry the floor system and cause the homeowner to hear creaking and popping at night. Also, as the floor system shrinks, homeowners can report sticking doors, cracking sheet rock and crown molding, as well as additional floor bounce as a direct result of applying the dehumidifier too aggressively.

  2. Hey quick question about ventilation – you always mention that its okay to keep vents open if you dont live in a humid environment, but what exactly do you mean by humid? I live in Dallas and the humidity is about 65% averaged for the year.

  3. Great job. I would recommend during inspections check above the insulation, you can easily put it back, instead of finding later and delaying the job more, I don’t think homeowners would mind a close look during inspection.

  4. Can you soda blast a sub floor that is 1x slats with gaps between them? Tar paper is exposed between the sub floor slats and the flooring is tounge and groove oak. I am concerned soda blasting will damage the tar paper allowing the moisture to get to the hardwood floor.

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