How Long Does It Take To Dry A Crawl Space For Mold Removal | Ask A Ninja #54

#AskANinja 054 – Drying the wood in the crawl space is one of the first steps in addressing mold and preventing wood rot fungus. Using a dehumidifier in the crawl space is one of the most efficient ways to dry it out but how long does it take? What moisture level should the wood be at when it is considered dry? Should you dry the wood before or after mold remediation?

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4 thoughts on “How Long Does It Take To Dry A Crawl Space For Mold Removal | Ask A Ninja #54

  1. Hi Michael, thanks for the reply.
    This situation was pretty much a worst case scenario for moisture and water intrusion. I've done many things to try to resolve this issue and it has taken all of them to get it under control. I replaced the roof that was leaking in many places. This was due to a bad installation. I replaced the french drains and had the foundation sealed on the outside. I also had a PVC drain added under the footing to drain away excess water using gravity. I corrected the grading and added new gutters and still had water issues. I put the dehu in before starting the encapsulation and it couldn't keep up. It couldn't pull it below 80% and ran continuously. Water still collected under the house.

    So, I continued with the encapsulation part of the project and was able to complete it. Now the Dehu maintains 49-59% humidity and cycles on and off as it should. I've had it running a few weeks now to finish drying out the rest of the wood before applying the mold killer.

    I have realized and confirmed in my experience that there is an underground spring under this house. There's no way to control this without completing all the steps I've taken. Thanks for the help. I'm almost at the final finish line!

  2. Please PLEASE come to Iowa. I'm so confused. Buying a 1908 old house, celler and crawlspace. Nobody has ever done anything and I'm getting so many different responses. I did bring up your channel to a company and they laughed. I left. How rude. I'm about to he a single mum of 2 and feel like people done take me seriously

  3. It depends on what product you use to clean the floor system. I you use a product that adds moisture to the sub-structure it is best to deploy a commercial dehumidifier and set on continuous for as long as it takes to bring the wood members down under 17%. Based on the cubic footage of the crawl space, this process could take 48 to 72 hours or perhaps up to 7 days based on the footprint. Applying drying fans in concert with the dehumidifier will speed up the drying process. In our market we get a 3rd party mold hygienist to clear the work prior to conducting any structural wood repairs and/or re-insulating the sub-floor. Assessments for structural wood repairs should be conducted after the mold has been removed and the sub-structure is dry. When wood is in a "swelled state" it is impossible to judge integrity accurately. It also helps to avoid expensive "discoveries" that customers hate to hear. That way you can charge full price for the work being performed instead of discounting the work to appease an angry client because the job was estimated without a full view of the work area prior to production.

  4. Agree with Michael on this, depending on the initial RH and the size of the dehumidifier involved I would say within 2 weeks it should be stable. However, dont push the dehumidifier to get there faster. You could cause damage by drying too fast and over drying(dryrot).

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