How long does water damage restoration take ?

Well in the water industry there’s very few typical things in DC.
However, the most norm or the most typical you know average would probably be about three days. But there’s a lot of different factors there: the types of flooring,how wet it is, how much moisture there was, how many rooms have been affected.
It is something that was ongoing or was this a song loss usually something that sits the longer it sits with water and become saturated. The longer it’s going to take to pull that water out so
if you’ve got a sudden loss in your washing machine overflowed one day and leave it were there within a few hours.


We get it cleaned up off the hardwoods and dry it out. You know maybe two days or three days to get it dry. If you’ve got an ongoing week underneath the kitchen sink that has been leaking for six months or a year. It might take seven days to get it dried out
properly and there’s also always things that we can do to accelerate it. You know to get quicker sometimes we can remove the rock material and stuff like that. It really depends on each individual scenario  but there’s the typical I would say is probably three or four days to get try.

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