Mold Removal

How to Clean a Dirty Moldy Window Air Conditioner

In this video I show you how to take apart and clean dirt and mold from a window air conditioner.

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  1. 11:44 DO NOT repeat DO NOT spray water anywhere near where the motor shaft enters the motor. You will get water into the motor bearings and they WILL rust and seize, which means the fan won't work and your a/c will be useless.

    I did this and had to take my a/c apart to get at the motor. Then I had to take the motor apart, remove the bearings, buy new bearings online, and replace them. Total PITA job.

    The lesson is yes you can clean your a/c but keep water away from that motor.

  2. It's amazing how people don't take care of things today. The units built today are all plastic and strofoam and have a big tendency to get like this. When they made ac units out of all metal, you never had this issue. Ac units are made cheaply today as you can see. You need to keep your air filter clean and vacuum the front coils when you clean the filter which should be done one a month. I have some old ac units that are clean and run great and would never get like this unit. Good video, I hope it helps to educate the public on taking care of their appliance.

  3. I'm watching because its gonna be 37 degrees celcius tmrw, I better get started mines pretty bad too lol.

  4. I live in Tx i clean mine every 6 months keeps it running awesome , the key is clean it !!! Don’t wait years

  5. Buy one of those Cut your own foam filter for your air conditioner to help all that dust from getting on your coil

  6. Thank you, my ac unit was blowing gross smelling air when I installed it this year. It came with my apartment so who knows if it's ever been cleaned.

    Small problem, after putting it together and getting it running the fan is MUCH louder than before. Any guesses on what's up?

  7. Bleach can be harsh on the fins and copper tubing that runs through them. Best bet is to use a coil cleaner or just water/mild soap. I prefer non-acidic as the acid can eat through the coils if not rinsed thoroughly. Also, good practice to cover the electronic box with a plastic bag. Can also remove the boards from the facings on just about any model/style ac.

  8. I can tear that whole thing completely apart by leaving only the compressor and coils assembly intact. That’s how I clean my window units. I clean EVERYTHING, including the floor pan.

  9. As others have pointed out, use white vinegar to kill the black mold. Let it soak, hose down, and air out to get rid of the vinegar smell.

  10. I'm happy to have found this video. I have an identical window unit and have the same problem. I was worried about the mold on the styrofoam but I will probably initially kill it with bleach and then maybe use peroxide and vinegar on it. Styrofoam that's located under the fan, I know you did not take that out. The question I have is should you be worried about mold underneath that styrofoam? I know it's extra work and I could probably take it out if I wanted to and clean it but I just wanted to know your thoughts. Great video thank you so happy to have found this! I was worried that I was going to purchase a new one. 👍

  11. Thank u so much!!! I was looking for a video to clean the ac . My ac has mold and it’s disgusting! We were gonna throw it away and I was thinking I could clean it

  12. Great video, just cleaned two window units after watching your videos. Thanks clear and simple instructions

  13. Nice to know. I could only imagine what my a/c unit looks like in there. I've had it since 2001. Works like a charm but it does have a bit of a funk when you first turn it on. I wonder if I should just replace and start new. Suggestions?

  14. Thank you so much. My Kenmore AC looked just like yours and needed a good cleaning. Thank you for your video.

  15. i opened up my a/c and noticed clay like substance on a couple bolts and around the coils is this supposed to be there?

  16. Do they have to sit outside over night?? I get very hot at night and would need mine especially if it's not in there running through the day now that it's gotten hot out🥵

  17. I gotta do this today, my ac barely works but does have a slight cool flow out of it. So I'm betting I can get one more summer out of it

  18. I would have covered that electric motor you don't want to fry it out getting all that water in there

  19. I just learned bleach can make mold react and go into hyperdrive. Vinegar and a comment below from a professional says hydrogen peroxide. I don't know what strength. Cover electric board with upside-down Ziploc too. Thanks.

  20. Frost King has a coil cleaner out there. And it works GREAT. I spray down each of my units with it once a month. You won't believe how much cooler the air is. Oh yeah and there's zero scrubbing involved. It lifts the dust right off.

  21. There’s no way I’m putting mine back in the windows without doing this first. I could see a small amount of mold spores in the front vent…I can imagine what it looks like inside 😱. I wanted to do this last year but, had no idea how involved it was to get it all apart.
    Thank you for sharing! 👍🏻
    BTW…this video alone is subscribe worthy but, after looking at your channel…I’m all in! Subscribed! 👍🏻👍🏻

  22. Cleaning my A/C unit reminds me of my ex girl friend, guy's she's ganna get wet and nasty and there nothing you can do about it.. damn it,………. I miss her man…..

  23. Ive used a toothbrush to straighten the bent fins. Just start at a straight point abd guide the toothbrush down slowly straightening the fins. They are very soft metal.

  24. (see my other comment) The foam part is where the air blows into the house and the mold will return if you haven't killed and removed all of it. You should soak it with vinegar or peroxide periodically to make sure the roots are all eliminated.

  25. Bleach doesn't kill mold at it's roots. However vinegar or peroxide does. Just a tip for future reference. And they're non toxic, so you could actually spray them into the unit periodically to prevent mold from returning.

  26. I have the same Frigidaire AC. I don't know if it's a 12000 btu but that's not my point. I do most of what you do after every end of summer. Let me tell you Frigidaire makes very good and cold AC's. I have 3 AC's and Frigidaire is the coldest by far. It does my main floor easily except for bedrooms. And I keep it at the low setting. I can't imagine what the high setting might feel like.

  27. I'd buy a new one. Mold is bad news and you're never going to get it all. Not to mention the time and labor vs just buying a new one.

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