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How to Clean A Window Air Conditioner The Easy Way

Becky shows you how to take apart and clean your window air conditioner. Then she shows you how to put it back together.

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  1. Thank you good info, and to think this is the air we and our families are breathing 😨 and during this pandemic😰 , Dawn dish soap does everything also vinegar, lemons, water, baking soda💪👏

  2. Holy crap!! This is exactly what I was looking for…my window a/c is noisy and not as cold as it should be. Was trying to get in through the front to clean it. Thanks Becky!!

  3. Thanks for this very helpful video and For the inspiration. My biggest concern was how long it would take to dry out and as you said two hours was long enough. I also use the fan to help it along. Also, I did mine in my bathtub. Anyone who's going to do this in the bathtub I recommend using a rubber mat so that you don't scratch your tub. Also have a screen handy to catch all the leaves that may go down your drain and it helps to have a showerhead that has the ability to be removed and has some flexibility. The ability to change to different spray pressure settings helps as well. Thanks again!

  4. Awesome tip, thanks for sharing, I had no idea how dirty they could get!!! Washed more leaf debris out of my AC than my yard, thank you!!

  5. Should have mentioned that the start capacitor could be harboring lethal voltage. Unplugging is not enough.

  6. I need to do this mine is probably 10 times dirtier than that I did a touch up but i need to do it fully like this

  7. My dad passed away last summer and you remind me of him. He was able to fix almost anything and had only a grade 8 education. I miss him and his knowledge. Might need to subscribe now.

  8. Becky!!! I cleaned my AC unit because of you!!! I’ve had headaches and sinus issues and believe they stem from my window AC unit. After watching your video on how to do it I felt confident to do mine. Boy am I glad I did!!!! There was a wet sludge and what looked to be mold inside. I cleaned it out so good that it looks brand new. You made it really simple and let me know it was ok to clean it on my own. Thanks a bunch for your insight 💕

  9. For a woman, you didn't do half bad. The only problem I have is, that if it was a man showing you how, he'd be wearing a toolbelt and using more tools, preferably a cordless screwdriver, prybar, and a pressure washer.
    I give you an A+, mostly for demonstrating how easy it is to do.

  10. I do this to my air conditioners every year before putting them away for the winter, but i ho one step further, i also remove the fan and fan shroud to get to the condenser coil easier, my 29 year old Amana still going strong.

  11. You are just awesome!! I wish I had your courage and stamina. You are an exceptional person. Thank you for sharing your wisdom with the world.

  12. Spray the back of the AC radiator grill inwards to with high pressure to to remove build up ,specially if you have pets or an uncle with a. hairy back.

  13. Lucky her that as a backyard, people who live in building can't clean it" there's no space in your apartment, u would have to take that heavy A/c down a 5th floor just to clean it , don't think no one will do it lol 😂

  14. Great video, thank you for sharing. Just a small advice… New AC units have a electronic components that could get damaged with water. Again, nice video. I agree that we should take care of our stuff too save money and pollute less our planet.

  15. My Window Air Conditioner just started short cycling. I had it since 2008 and never cleaned the inside of it. I didn't know I had to clean inside. I've just been cleaning the filter. I'm scared to look inside of it.

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