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How to Clean Your Air Ducts Yourself- Air Duct Cleaning + Maintenance for Beginners!

How to Clean Your Home’s Air Ducts Yourself and Save Money? How Often? What Do You Need? We want you to breathe cleaner air in your home and save some money too!

How to clean your air vent duct is by no means a big deal. Everyone can do it including complete and utter beginners to DIY home chores. It only takes some attention to learn how to master the art of cleaning your air ducts! On our video we teach you how to clean your airduct with no cost at all, while doing it safe, easy, damage free (if attached to a wall you need to be careful!), and achieve tremendous results.

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  1. How the hell can you put a kid to do that. USING A BLOWER. He's not even wearing a mask, imagine his lungs after this. Now there's dust everywhere. Yeah you did the job, but a bad one. People if you wanna do this use your brain and use a vacuum. To all saying he's doing a good job, in reality hes not. What he needs to fix is using a vaccum, then a mask. He could some more but those are a must.

  2. If you have hard water or a lot of iron in your water wash those vents with distilled water or you will cause them to rust.

  3. This guys are exactly like The Three Stooges, there is a part were the dad is telling this poor kid to use the blower were is so much dust flying everywhere. Why not use the wet and dry vacuum to suck the dust from it.. what a joke of video..

  4. He's teaching his grand kid a new skill. But, y'all go right ahead and let your kids try to be the next Instagram star…😒

  5. As an experienced carpenter and builder, and installer of my own hvac system,I can tell you most of the dust will be at the intakes. Too many are scamsters, ( 99$ cleaning? Lmao). Buyer beware and do your homework.

  6. Thank you for sharing, we just had our summer inspection on our Unit. it was suggested we get a duct cleaning, I was quoted $900. I immediately saw your video I will spend 3-4 hours cleaning it myself Thank you. I save a lot of $$ doing maintenance on my truck/cars this is no different.

  7. Was it effective my duct work is not blowing heat out in a few rooms so it been like 15 outside and my heat is turning on every 10 minutes when it shuts off and I would like to take care of it asap so my kids and I have a good amount of heat

  8. The pros have a way that works too, but I have a feeling your way is effective. The blower blows into the existing filter? That is a bit wild, but with the fan running it should be a vacuum and the loose dust should collect in said filter. Cheers to being a diy guy and sharing a skill for us all.

  9. People don't waste your time yea maybe 5ft of the actual vents are clean but all you did was push all that to the mains.

  10. Thanks! Great to see older generation passing on their knowledge and younger generation developing skills and good relationship with elders.

  11. I like this grand son’s honesty at 16 very few things one can handle but he sure is making progress ahead of many if not most!

  12. Lol Holy smokes they blew more stuff into the house as the AC would of in a year! Not sure I would use the leaf blower technique.

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  14. To all the keyboard experts complaining about how they'd rather hire someone or how they would've done xyz, you do that. This video wasn't for you. To everyone else who wants to do a basic job and save a small fortune, this vid is for you! Perfect is the enemy of done.

  15. Stupidest way to clean your ducts, you didn't clean even 5% off them. Let that to professional like me…

  16. I never done it, and just seeying all the dust going everywhere by blowing whit a big blower makes me laugh. At least try to catch some of the dust. The dust is now everywhere instant of inside the ducking.

  17. This is a very hard job. They are just showing some minimal cleaning. If you want to deep clean, it takes a professional and about 300 to 400 us dollars depending on where you live (that price is for specials they run during the summer). That includes up to 15 supplies and returns. A typical house has 4 or 5 returns and 13 or so supplies depending on whether or not you have supplies/returns in garage and laundry room / furnace area, in which case it there would be a few more. (Keep in mind, that's just an average home which is a 3 bedroom ranch with no basement.). Before they come over to do the cleaning project, make sure you at least clean the vents and move obstructions that are around the vents as they need access to those supplies and returns – in other words, you don't want to make the HVAC company have to climb onto furniture to reach stuff and to have to move heavy lifting type obstructions from supplies on the floor (they are not a moving company), it will save you on the overall job not running into extras. Thanks for sharing this video with us REVIEW HOME WARRANTIES!!!!

  18. I love the fact that you included your Grandson on this video. It gives me more confidence since you're teaching an inexperienced person (such as myself!) and I also just love seeing young people gaining practical skills.

  19. what about dust mask?? in this case you will clean your Air conditioning ducts but pollute your respirator system

  20. Put vacum hose in the vent while brushing. I have 15 years experience. All you did was stand In a dust cloud ☁️

  21. Good job Grandpa for passing on the skills… so many kids go into the world with zero skill set these days… can't even change a tire, or other simple jobs that everyone used to learn when young.

  22. As an air duct technician with experience over 5 years in the industry I can assure you that I started laughing really hard when these folks started blowing with a leaf blower into the cold air return 😂

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