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How To Detox Mold From The Body | Black Mold Toxicity

Hey friends! Welcome to my channel! In this video I share with you how to detox black mold from the body and your home and some signs and symptoms of black mold toxicity. Hope you enjoy! xx
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Hello and Welcome to my channel!! My name is Marla and I am a Registered Holistic Nutritionist, wife and stay at home mom to 2 boys and 1 girl! I am very passionate about living a healthy, active and balanced lifestyle. I believe Food is medicine and that you can completely heal any illness using natural remedies and FOOD. Here on my channel you will find informational videos about nutrition, health products, DIY, healthy recipes and so much more!! Hope you find my videos helpful and enjoy watching 🙂 xo

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  1. I got a homeopathic remedy… its called Joalis drops to cleanse (anise, cinnamon, ginger) and I got phosphorus. It really makes my skin rashes worse i dont know if its a good sign.I hope im gonna get rid of mold.Do you think i need charcoal to bind? My homeopathic therapist said i'll not need binders.

  2. Would you recommend taking so many supplements everyday to get rid of mycotoxins? I take glutathione, charcoal, oil of oregano (not too often though because it’s really aggressive and attacks healthy bacteria), aloe Vera pills and I take blended drinks of fresh aloe Vera, lemon, ginger and beet root powder. I don’t know if taking too many supplement pills may be bad (and I would prefer juices and food over pills any day).

    And for anyone out there looking for other ways to get rid of mold spores, I’d highly recommend getting a spider plant at Home Depot. 13$ and gets rid of 60% of spores in a room in 12 hours. Freshens up my room and I would assume it would be great for offices. English ivy does 78% of spores but it’s toxic if ingested (wouldn’t be good for young children and pets). Ultrasonic air purifiers are probably ideal but they’re usually around 500$.

  3. Is it safe to take clorifil and activated charcoal with heart problems?… because I feel like I’ve gotten heart problems because of this I have been diagnosed with SVT

  4. oregano oil,garlic and olive leaf is natures antibotics.if i feel a cold coming or it knocks it out in less then 12 hours and i tell coworkers that have allergies to take it and they feel better and no more of that sniffling have to take all 3 which is powerful for your power to fight things off

  5. Just a tip for your content quality, and perhaps your interpersonal relationships… Stop explaining and apologizing for every little thing going on. No one noticed the heater, or the rocking chair, or this, or that. What they noticed was the break bringing attention to those things caused in their attention to the content, and the feeling you aren't that confident and comfortable with yourself. These things, and worrying about time, makes you talk really fast. It makes the video hard to watch and even harder to remember the information we are here to have you tell us. Just stop caring what you think people might think, and focus on helping people with your insights and methodologies.

    I want you to know…. You are great, you look great, what you have to say is important, and nothing else matters. No one is judging you on anything but the quality of your information. Next time you produce content, I want you to remember this, and I bet you will make the best content you ever have… and you will feel great about yourself as well.

  6. Thank you for this informations!

    Did you get rid of the mold completely? Have you're done your detox with blood labs (TGF-B1, MMP-9 etc.) or without it?

  7. How long does it take to heal. I’ve been VERY unwell for a year now and Dr have no idea what’s wrong. My vision is terrible, CNS issues like tremor internal vibration, EXTREME fatigue( I can’t even work anymore) heart palpitations etc. we had mold removed from our bathroom and basement years ago due to a leak but I need to get better. No one else in my home has the horrible symptoms I do. I’m desperate to feel better. Can I be permanently damaged?

  8. Folks, if you have black mold in your bathroom, please don’t spray it every day. You have to get it out. If you have mold at work, you have to change jobs. ,Mold exposure will give you organ failure and ruin your nervous system. Our 12yo lost the ability to walk last year from mold exposure in your home. It’s hurting you even if you don’t realize it. Please read Neal Nathan’s books on mold. Do your research PLEASE.

  9. Hi Marla, thank you for the video and information. How many days would you recommend eating the garlic and how much of the “binder” product should you take daily and for how long?

  10. Much of this is very expensive. Plus pregnant folk like me must be careful, young children won't take many of these, poor folks can get rid of sugars from their diet, can't move away, and we are of the GURDS community. geophysical reflux disorder. Acids are bad for us. Any ideas for those restricted like This? Our heater broke and it's winter here in Alaska so now mold is on every window frame and door frame and our food is BAD! It's been bad for years but we can't afford to fix it or to move.

  11. Thank you. There is one word of CAUTION I would like to mention. TEA TREE OIL is very POISONOUS if taken internally. i think spraying with it and possibly breathing the mist is dangerous as it goes right into your body that way. Especially be sure children are not in the room when you spray the mold with it. Also in the bathroom if you spray the walls with it, the steam from the shower might release some of the Tea Tree oil that you spray on the walls into the air. TEA TREE OIL TAKEN INTERNALLY CAN CAUSE DEATH! i WOULD NOT RECOMMEND SPRAYING WITH IT OR APPLYING IT ON THE WALLS.

  12. Hi Marla! First of all I wanted to thank u for all the good informations that you are giving to us: you are one of the best holistic nutritionist here on the internet and you' re giving us a lot of hope.
    Do you know anything about infection of streptococcus in the gut and on how to treat it? This bacteria is resistant to antibiotics and can lead to a lot of health problems; if you know anything I would love to see a video on this topic, since I' m looking for a way to get rid of it.
    Wish u all the best,

  13. Helo friend maybe ths 1 is off topic i always watch ur new uploads. Bt i wanna ask. If what is the best brand of vit D u cn recommend? Hoping for reply

  14. Thanks for the tips! We have a front loading washing machine and it constantly gets mold. I’m going to try spraying the tea tree oil.

  15. hi marla great video as usual, do you have sometng like the depuraseve on your site so i can order it, also i live in tunisia do you shop there?

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