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How to get rid of drain flies in shower, kitchen, or bathroom

They look like fruit flies but they’re not! How to get rid of tiny flies in your bathroom, shower, sewer, or kitchen sink area. Bugs / insects are common in these locations

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  1. Thank you. These little flies seem to appear in the warm weather, which we have now. I will clean and treat. Usually cleaning and putting Clorox bleach down seems to help. I will do your procedure tomorrow night. I seem to have a worse problem in the sink.

  2. Great recipe! I found if you add some chocolate chips and a dash of brown sugar it tastes way better!

  3. I had those one time in bathroom sink overflow! Sprayed wd40 in the 3 holes and a couple hours later, larvae was crawling out! Gross, but it did the job. Washed them down with hot water for a goodly long time! Just subbed, thanks for the advice on things!

  4. For the love of all that is Holy please dont use drano to try to unclog a pipe… if the drain is open but just slow then thats okay but if drano just sits in the pipe not able to go anywhere it will eat holes in the pipe.

  5. My plumber told us never to use draino, liquid plumber or any other harsh chemical down drains. They will eventually ruin any pipe system and will cost $$$$$ to replace. Used liquid plumber for a few years every time we had a clog and it ate through the sewer line and it all had to be replaced. Good Bye vacation. He used a camera to look at our other lines in which we never used a chemical for example the bathroom and that line was just fine. Lesson learned.

  6. The sounds you made while being purely disgusted was pretty hilarious ngl thanks for the informative video. Did not think shower flies could get this bad omg.

  7. Our drain flies are coming out of a crack in some grout near our bathtub. ๐Ÿ˜ฉ how do you fix that ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ๐Ÿ˜ญ

  8. Thanks for the video sir very helpful. I have having a similar issue but not flies they are springtails. Little tiny hopping bugs.

  9. Thankyou for sharing!
    Add baking soda and vinegar?
    Im literally trying everything.
    I've got some new plants and scared they could get infested.

  10. I would not recommend pouring boiling water into PVC plumbing. Use vinegar and baking soda, brush thoroughly with proper sized pipe and drain brush, then flush with hot water.

  11. Kinda funny,puts the glove on the left hand to hold bag and does all the dirty work with his un-gloved hand : ) lol Informative vid anyway, thanks for posting.

  12. Can you make a video of you scrubbing the shower floor ….I will sleep better if you did…… after you were in there with your shoes ๐Ÿ‘Ÿ……. jk thanks for the video

  13. I don't know what we have, either fruit flies or drain flies, gnats.We live in an apartment that has a garbage disposal. I poured bleach down the drain and put the sink covers on. Seemed to help but a week later theyre back. Oh I now have the cider vinegar and dish detergent trying out tonight.But I went to have some cereal and it looks like tiny ants or ?? Bugs.Pest Control help!! Property is slow to respond to any maintenance

  14. I don't recommend Drano, as it is caustic and damages the plumbing…..Anyway, whatever method you choose….check back in afew weeks…and guess what? They're back…..

  15. It took me a long time to figure what these fruit-like flies were and where they were coming from (in bathroom sink only)….Long story short…The flies die easily with a squirt from a rubbing alcohol bottle…but the WORMS..are almost indestructible…NOTHING kills them (bleach, acetone, pine-sol etc) except direct fire flame…..I have them under control, but have NOT been able to eliminate them completely….JRZ

  16. Iโ€™m so tired of these things. I kill a bunch of them with fabulouso in the corners of my shower and then more show up. I canโ€™t wait to view your video.

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