How to Install a Window in Your Shower – Without Water Damage!!

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Shower Windows are great. They can brighten up a small bathroom and make it feel just a bit larger. However, if installed incorrectly, a window in your shower can become a nightmare of wood rot, mold and decay.
So how do you install a shower window the right way? Let’s find out, today, on Smith House.
When installing a window in a shower, proper waterproofing is essential. Tile and mortar are not waterproof! Windows leak! There must be an impervious membrane behind the tile and around the window. A fluid applied detail sealant like Polyguard Detail Sealant PW is a great way to waterproof the rough opening and tie into the Schlueter Kerdiboard waterproofing system behind the shower tile.
When installed correctly, this system will allow your bathroom to be light and bright without the headaches of water damage down the road.
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9 thoughts on “How to Install a Window in Your Shower – Without Water Damage!!

  1. A smaller window ⅓ the size ( top ⅓) would have been much better avoiding much, most if not all, of the water on it. It is just too low and will always get water pouring on it when taking a shower eventually leading to a leak. Sometimes the best way to avoid a leak is to not tempt nature. Contractors should use smart design as well as smart building techniques.

  2. I know this video was mostly about water sealing, but is the window tempered glass? Here in the northeast a widow in a shower area needs to be tempered in case the occupant slips and crashes through the window.

  3. The window should be placed higher bc over time, the water beating on those seams will eventually wither away at the caulking and seal. Unless the homeowner maintains the integrity of the seal regularly it will eventually leak, and mostly because the window IS PLACED TOO LOW.

  4. I got lost in the verbal description of how the window was sealed prior to this video. In this case a picture is worth more than 1000 words.
    Thank you for making the content. Book marked and noted as I am doing this very thing in my guest bath remodel.

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