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How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring in a BATHROOM 🚽

How to Install Vinyl Plank Flooring in a Bathroom and it looks like a tile floor!
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Learn how to install vinyl plank flooring in a bathroom that looks like ceramic large format tile. Vinyl plank flooring bathroom installation is an easy process you can do as a beginner installer and only needs a few tools. The flooring is waterproof and will not let any water pass through the seams. With some caulking around the tub this should help prevent any water seepage from normal bathroom usage. It is a floating floor though, so take that into consideration as if the room floods there is nothing to keep it from going over the edges of the flooring. It’s a great looking floor and nice and warm on the feet.

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  1. Thank You. I finally learnt why people use shims when installing Vinyl. I always thought that it was the prevent the tiles from moving around but It didn't make any sense as to why since they will remove then at the end anyways.

  2. We had a bathroom flood upstairs and the vinyl plank did nothing to protect the subfloor. Water leaked downstairs into our kitchen… Horrible situation. I will never install vinyl plank in a wet room again. Sticking with tile for all bathrooms and laundry rooms from now. Great job on the install BTW.

  3. Once you went to a 3 d model you lost me, I thought this was going to be for the average person, Thanks anyways

  4. Cool beans! This product could work for 2 bathrooms in my house. Thank you for the clear instruction, as usual.

  5. Not in a million years would I have thought to put down a level to see if the planks will rock and later create problems. Great videos!

  6. Why did you cover up the BEHR paint name on the 5-gallon bucket? Also I noticed that you have blobs of clear silicone under the wallboard/drywall, Why? Also, what is the name of the graphics program you used?

  7. Could you have laid the floor the same direction of the tub? Someone told me it's not a good idea due to nothing holding down the long stretch of floor planks that would gi against tub. Any input?

  8. Great Vid. What a job this was. I have a bunch of corners in my bathroom, 10 sides total which makes me cringe at what is before me. it's 49 sq. ft. so yea, it's not huge or anything, just a lot of complexity… (Floor vent, 10 different sides, toilet, cold water supply, etc.) UGH !!!! *)(&*&##^@)*(&# What to do…. How much does Home Depot do this type of work for ? I'm in midwest. thanks for the video and I'm going to have to watch your video about 3 times more before I dare start ripping up the old linoleum flooring.

  9. What is the software or program you used to arrange the plans? Great video. I’m in the middle of our guest bathroom reno. Fun times!!

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