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How To Make A Tree Stump Disappear In Just A Few Minutes

Here’s a quick and easy way to make a tree stump disappear.

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  1. i cut the center out of my stumps and made in ground planters out of them
    they now rot from the inside out while feeding my ferns

  2. Great vid. Nice to see the couple are doing work around the home together . Awesome. Looks Like a lovely garden .Asian people are great gardeners . They know how to survive. Thank you for sharing

  3. I am no gardening expert but i seem to recall hearing of people salting the fields of enemies to prevent crops from growing. Won't all that salt hurt the soil?

  4. Thank you for the tip. I’ve had a tree cut to the ground, but I wasn’t able to use the space as the guy who cut the tree didn’t want to dess as l with the stump, so, thank you so much.

  5. How can I get rid of orange jubilee’s that have many trunks (10 yrs old) I have 50 of them 😩 I just need to reduce the number due to upkeep.

  6. A disappear trick. Since you are using magic tricks, just put your hand over your face when you look in that direction. it "disappeared". lol

    No, but it is an ideal i would use and have used, minus the salt. I let nature just work on it its own way because it is already buried. But when you need it actually removed right now, then obviously this method is not the method i choose. Grinding is he best choice for getting it out NOW. and then the chips can be used for mulch and let them rot natures way over the next few years.

    Mushrooms will grow in that spot, but i don't know what happens with the salt added, if mushrooms will grow there.

  7. Just know I knew as Soon as he started digging around the stump and washing it off with water that stump wasn't really coming out the ground 😂😂😂

  8. Lol, why so much work to just bury the thing? 😂 That could have been done without so much cutting, or salt, or whatever else. I thought he was going to take it out, lol

  9. You need to sharpen your chain. Might as well have used a butter knife. If your saw produces large chips it’s sharp, if it produces a fine dust time for a sharping or new chain.

  10. Covering the stump with soil or compost will rot the stump in time naturally,the salt does absolutely nothing…

  11. I've tried this on with an apple stump it was still there two years later. Eventually I just took a stump grinder to it.

  12. dude, once the stump is cut, the pores are open. you have 20 minutes to apply a poison like roundup(pure strength), brush it on around the cambium layer. the pores close drawing in the roundup and the end!

  13. Doesn't work.
    Leave out the Magnesium Sulfate just cover the stump with mulch. And it takes YEARS for the stump to rot.

  14. Now that’s a dull chain on that saw. Must of already gotten it in the dirt. Dirt/sand is terrible on the chain and bar.
    Excellent method for removing tree stumps. Nice to the point video and thanks for not having ugly background music. Good job mate.
    Would’ve been helpful if you hand said how long it takes for the stump to disappear or have shown us a pic after 3 – 6 months. Thank you

  15. What about all the roots left behind? You are planting another tree on top of all the old roots. The new tree will be struggling for nutrition competing with the old roots. For the new tree to flourish, you need to dig up the old roots.

  16. Anyone ever consider using a router with a 3/4” Datto bit, set the depth of the bit according to the power of your router and just start running the router back and forth across the stump from one side to the other. If you have any experiences with using a router it be the next best thing to a stump grinder. Then again I’ve seen people just go to town with a ax and keep chopping the heck out of a stump turning it to splinters too! Great exercise too! LOL

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