How To Minimize Condensation In An RV!

Condensation inside of your RV can be very damaging it. The good news is there are things we can do to stop or minimize the condensation and humidity in the RV. We want to stop excessive condensation so we can stop wall damage as well as mold and mildew in the RV. Here are a few of the things we talked about in the video to minimize condensation.

Vent Cover.

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27 thoughts on “How To Minimize Condensation In An RV!

  1. RV HEAT PUMPS DON'T DEHUMIDIFY. I got that one wrong. They dehumidify the inside the RV when the AC is on but not in a heating heat pump mode. Some home units have that capability but not RV AC heat pump.

  2. I noticed the little dehumidifier by your sink drill a hole in the holding tank run a 1/4 hose right into the sink it will drain automatically

  3. Omy I'm drowning here! It's rained non stop and since I just bought this used trailer and haven't had the chance to fully test the furnace yet before it started to rain & rain. My friend brought me a Mr Heater Buddy & rather than the canisters hooked me up to a small propane tank to warm me up… holy bejesus bad choice! Don't do this folks, its practically raining inside the trailer! Ty for your videos, they're very informative, much appreciated 😁

  4. I come here for the info but stay here also for the quality content! Keep up the slomo b-roll! 🙌🏼

  5. Thank you for this video. Couple questions.

    1. Do you know of places that sell aftermarket double-paned windows?

    2. What about mini wood stoves?

    Here’s a suggestion: don’t pour that water down the drain from your dehumidifier. That’s perfectly distilled water 🙂

  6. Thank you for information. I'm relatively new to your channel. Do you do video on your tow rig (why you bought it, maintenence, hitch decision, etc..). You always provide excellent info.

  7. I have large dehumidifiers we keep on in the shower 24/7. We try and keep the RV around 55% in the summer and as low as we can in the winter.

  8. This is by far one of the best RV channels on YouTube. And I am subscribed to many. So glad I found you. Not a total newbie. But a part time small class A gasser. Love your tips. Your essential tool bag and parts looks just like mine. And always be ready to help a fellow camper. Keep up the good work and safe travels. I'm in Virginia if you ever make it this way.

  9. Airstreams owners of units older than 2021 need to ALL watch this! Airstreams are more airtight than most, and our breath, cooking and showering always created condensation on our windows. Airstreams issues no warnings as issues happen AFTER your warranty expires. Our first indication of a problem was when I got out of bed one morning and my foot went through the floor under a bedroom window. Then I learned a few things, windows all drain into the plain plywood subfloor. Airstreams could have warned people but chose not to, and they chose to save $50 per unit by not using mold/mildew resistant treated plywood knowing that some customers in colder climates would have a $20,000-$30,000 expense 4-5 years later.

  10. I couldn't agree with you more you are right on point about how the RV furnace exhausts the moisture outside a lot of people think it puts the humidity inside I like how you are on point and you have the facts with your channel I am definitely subscribed 👍

  11. Great info for a newbie like me! PS…My wife and I met you and your wife on Friday morning at the Tampa RV show. We were walking in the opposite directions and stopped to say hi. PSS…we purchased a Fleetwood MH. Hope to meet you on the road! Take care and safe travels!

  12. Did put mine under roof, so a lot of moisture is eliminated. Damp rid, outdoor kitchen, same with dishes.

  13. What do you think about a 27 foot RV would one of these types or sizes of dehumidifiers work in there?

  14. or you can buy an arctic fox or any 4 season unit that has double window pans and heated underbelly and don't need to worry about any of these things

  15. I use a 31 pint dehumidifier and sometime it’s not enough. I can get 31 pints in 24 hours easy.

  16. This isn't related to the video but where do you get your water from? And could you use insulating foam to keep the rv warm?

  17. Dual pane windows in your house have a vacuum air gap between them. I am not aware of any dual pane RV windows that do. Dual pane RV windows are just 2 panes of glass with no gap. Little to no extra insulation value

  18. Damp Rids are extremely expensive…. go to the Dollar Tree and purchase the same style dehumidifier. We have been using them for 7 plus years full timing in the same fifthwheel. Thank you for the informative videos!

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