How to Pressure Wash A House (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

Learn how to pressure wash a house with Monica from the Weekender. Monica walks you through the basics of pressure washers and how to use them to clean your home.

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23 thoughts on “How to Pressure Wash A House (w/ Monica from The Weekender)

  1. Can you vary the pressure on this unit other than changing tips? Can you vary the soap concentration on this pressure washer? Can you use this unit as a sprayer – spray on SPRAY AND FORGET? Good video and Thanks.

  2. I was given a maximum PSI for cleaning the stone on my house, going as high as possible might clean faster, but it also risks damage. You can do most house cleaning with a PSI that is also safe for washing cars, no need to go super high.

  3. I still use a pressure washer on my car since its PSI rating is lower than usual. I just keep my distance and use the nozzle with the widest angle as well as making sure not to keep it shooting at a specific spot for more than like 4 seconds. Whatever’s there that I can’t get I just end up getting later.

  4. Dont use a pressure washer for your car? Every car wash in a 60 mile radius is a pressure washer. Thats the only way to wash your car around here. Ive washed every car Ive ever owned with a pressure washer. Its perfectly fine.

  5. it is safe to use a pressure washer in your car, 3200 psi is to much but a 15-40 degree tip and a 1800 psi pressure washer is safe trust me I am a car detailer.

  6. Everyone thinks a pressure washer needs to be dead on smallest stream ever………yeah maybe if your house has never been done before but then also your gonna be repairingbthings after……wide fan a scrub brush for bad spots but use a sprayer with solution prep and let sit 10 to 15 minutes then work it off.

  7. Correction using a pressure washer to wash your car won’t damage the paint or body of the car if you do your research. Anything between 1000 psi to 1900 psi is safe to use on a car. Always use a wide spray patter tip and keep the nozzle at least a foot away from the car. It all depends on what condition your paint work or body work is. 2000 psi will damage your paint. I don’t understand why she would say never use one on a car when literally every car wash, body shop and car detailer (which is what I do for a living) uses one. Use common sense and do your research on your pressure washer which is something you should be doing anyway.

  8. It is good to mention that pressure washing vinyl siding is not recommended. Some folks do it but it can create tremendous problems. If you are pointing the wand up, it can easily blow water behind the vinyl. If the house is over 20 years old it likely will not have house wrap behind the vinyl which means the sheathing and possibly the insulation will get wet. It can take days or weeks for it to dry out and mold and mildew will grow inside the walls of your house and cause all kinds of respiratory problems for the homeowner.

  9. It's all about the tips and chemicals….not at all about the psi. Never use pressure on siding, roof, wood, deck, a good "tip" is throw away the red tip it only causes damage.

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