How To Prevent Black Mold – Get It Before It Gets You!

Black mold doesn’t care if your house is nice and new, or musty and old. It doesn’t care where you live or how sensitive your sinuses are. It wants into your house any way it can!

Black mold happens to everyone, and it’s a big headache. It’s especially a pain to clean. That’s why prevention is the key to keeping your home mold free.


This is the number one condition for mold to grow. It loves the wet parts of your house. Keeping your home dry is the best way to keep the mold out.

Mold thrives best at around 55% relative humidity. Anything over that and mold can have a heyday in your home. The most surefire way to prevent black mold growth is to reduce humidity.

-Check your watery trouble spots. Especially keep your eye on the bathroom and kitchen, and look for places where water runs.

-If you have any area of standing water or water damage, get rid of it immediately. Clean it well and let it dry.

-Keep everything dry. After you wash the dishes, make sure you towel everything down. Don’t leave standing water on any of your kitchen counters or around your sink.

-When you see mold, clean it up immediately. Don’t let it go, or it will encourage more mold to grow.

-Buy a dehumidifier. This will help dry the house out a little and that will reduce mold. You can buy one at most department stores, and it doesn’t have to be anything fancy.

-If you live in a humid or warm climate, you will definitely have to deal with the mold. Take that into account and keep your house dry before the mold gets in.


-Make sure there is plenty of air flow in your house. Fresh air will clear out the mold spores that might be around. Open windows and get plenty of ventilation.

-In the bathroom, always turn on the exhaust fan during and just after showering. This will clear away some of the water before it has a chance to settle.

-Keep down the dust in your house. Dust can carry mold spores, and both can be major irritants.

-Routinely check and clean your air ducts. Mold can grow around your heating and air conditioning ducts, and this is especially bad because it circulates mold all over the house.


-If you are suffering from any chronic sinus problems that might be mold related, get your house tested and inspected. Inspectors can check mold samples to see if they are toxic. They can also check and see how much airborne mold there is in your house.

-Routinely check around your house in the hidden places where Dangerous Toxic Black Mold likes to grow. This includes your attic, crawlspaces, basement and air ducts.

It’s not enough just to clean up mold when you see it. To stay mold free, you have to prevent black mold from growing. Don’t give it a chance!

Source by Rich Fuller

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