Mold Removal

How to Prevent Mold Growths

Molds are fungi like organisms that are made of tiny spores. They feed on moisture and dust and they can grow in your house. They usually thrive in your basement, bathroom, kitchen and attic. There are a lot of types of molds and some of them are even dangerous like the toxic black mold, but it does not matter what type of mold infested in your house. It is still a mold and needs to be removed as soon as possible.

Ways of preventing mold in the house

Basically, the best way to prevent mold growth in the house is making sure that you control the moisture. Repairing leaking water pipelines, leaking roofs and cleaning your house on a regular basis are the most important things. No matter how you kill and clean the mold if you do not eliminate the source, molds would always return.

mold growths

It would be very helpful if you install exhaust fans in your kitchen, bathroom, and laundry room. These are the rooms that emits a lot of steam that adds moisture to the air. The rooms with poor ventilation may need dehumidifiers or a proper air conditioning system. This is especially true for places that have high humidity.

We need to be mindful in making sure all our clothes are thoroughly dry before we put them in our closets. Dishes should be wiped dry before keeping them in cabinets. Shoes and other things and belongings that are soaking wet need to be washed and dried as soon as possible. Minimize having indoor plants; they add extra moisture to your house and never over water them, molds can grow on the potted soil as well. Empty the water dripping dish often.

Easy ways in eradicating molds

If you suspect that there are molds in the house, you need to act fast. Check the source, clean the mold, and fix it. You don’t really need expensive commercial mold killers, you can just just any household products like bleach, detergent and even vinegar to kill and clean it. Make sure to protect yourself by wearing old clothes, gloves, mask and goggles. If you want to use vinegar, just place it in a spray bottle, spray it directly, scrub it and wipe it clean. Open windows or exhaust fan to let the molds and spores fly outside the area. Make sure that the whole room and the area affected are thoroughly dry after the cleanup. If the patch of molds you discovered is something that you cannot handle, ask professional help. Look for a certified mold remediation company to safely and effectively remove the dangerous molds from your house. One reason why molds are returning is improper remediation, and you don’t want that to happen to you. If you need professional assistance today, simply visit and contact Mold Removal for more info. You need to eradicate such organisms because they could possible cause several health problems in your family. Moreover, molds are also capable of destroying the structure of your home.

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